Scales and modes ~!?!~ (guitar)?

Im stuck in a hole with the guitar right now. I have gotten pretty far,and I am pretty good for absolutely no professional knowledge of anything.My solos that I come up with seem to have no rhythm,nor do they follow a rhythm (guitar) that a write prior to trying to write a solo.I got a book on scales,and modes,but…

Modes / Scales are not getting to help you find rhythm. I recommend jamming with a click track, metronome, or drum beat in the background to help you with this.

As for following power chords or any chords you put together. You need to figure out what Key you are playing in. Some songs may jump keys, but I doubt you are trying to do any of that at this time.

A Scale is a series of notes that follow a specific amount of steps from the root note that sound good together. Your standard Major / Minor scales consist of 7 notes, the penatonic scales are 5 notes, while Blues is mostly 6 notes.

Easiest way to start is focusing on the standard Major / Minor scales.

So realize that a scale and a Key are pretty much the same thing.

If you are jamming something, you figure out what scale you are playing, then that is what Key you most likely are playing. Music is flexible, so these rules / guidelines are not always right. But for beginning they work just fine.

So say you jam the Power chords G, D, E, C.

That’s going to put you most likely in the G Major Scale / Key.

So right there you know that only G, A, B, C, D, E, and F# will sound good in this scale / key.

Modes will help you play the scale all over the fretboard.

So in the key of G Major, you have:
G = Ionian
A = Dorian
B = Phrygian
C = Lydian
D = Mixolydian
E = Aeolian
F# = Locrian

Those are all your modes. So the easiest way to solo is to follow your modes straight up. So if you start on G, then use the Ionian Mode start on G. Then next chord is D, so you’ll play Mixolydian on the D. Then the E would be an Aeolian on the E. Then finally a Lydian on the C.

That will give you the easiest way to match solos with chords.

I started off learning the C Major & F Major scales and the A minor & E minor (Blues) scales.

what book did you get, the guitar grimoire helped me alot..

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