Service Engine Soon light comes on?

I’ve got a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE and when driving at speeds 45 or higher, the Service Engine Soon light comes on after driving for a bit from driving at those speeds. I went to O’ Reilly’s and got a code check to see why its coming on. There was two codes. An EGR number 3 solenoid failure and a…

Have GM do the code check, maybe they’re something crucial and easily fixed.

Sounds like you want to keep the car if you replaced the trans.

Why don’t you just fix the problem so it never comes back on instead of jumping through hoops. The service engine soon light is on because there’s a problem. Yes, it’s true you have to drive after clearing codes so all the systems can run there self tests. If each test passes, it switch’s from ‘not-ready’ to ‘ready’. If there still on ‘not-ready’ it will fail even if there’s no codes and the light is off. If it fails the self test it will just set a code and turn the light on again which is what is just going to happen since you haven’t fixed anything. For $50 you can buy a code reader that will read and clear codes and shows if the readiness monitors have reset to “ready” after clearing codes or disconnecting the battery and you’d know if it would pass or not before the test center even test’s it. The code reader will work on any car sold in America from 1996 to the present! Why everyone doesn’t own one baffles me!! FYI, the evaporative monitor won’t even think of running it’s self test after clearing the codes if the gas tank is over 3/4 full or less than 1/4 full. It has to be in between. FYI, Ford monitors reset pretty quick.

Hey there, being that it is a 95, I wouldn’t worry about those codes, it would probably end up costing you more to fix it than the car is worth. As long as the car starts and drives I wouldn’t worry about it, however if you are in a state where you have to pass emissions testing, the EGR code will fail you. Hope this helps.

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