Spiritually speaking How God recognize us… it is by our body or our soul?

A middle aged woman has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. While on the operating table she has a near-death experience. During that experience she sees God and asks if this is it. God says no and explains that she has another 30-40 years to live.

Upon her recovery she decides to just stay in the…

Salam Dear (:

Allah (God) says: …. He knows what happens to them (His Creatures)
in this world, and what will happen to them in the hereafter …

The Holy Qura’an: Chapter: 2, Vers 255.

Do you think when a mother bring a child, ten, or any other number would forget them, and might not recognize them …

Ta’ala Allah Subhanah …

How come my dear, Allah (God) do not recognize his creatures …

You know, one of prophet Muhammads’ prays to Allah, he says:
O God, Who see the small black ant, on a black rock, in a very dark night …..then the prophet completes his pray …

Now, do you think the One Who can see the small ant, and knows the number of dust on the whole earth can not recognize us !!!
it can can not be Dear, it’s illogical …

May Allah Bless You, and Guide You to the Right Path …


It’s a funny joke, but it really doesn’t have any meaning whatsoever outside a joke scenario.

What on earth makes you think that the body and the soul are not somehow connected to God? The body of a person belongs to the soul that resides within. They can no more be separated from each other than the wheel inside a clock’s mechanism without the clock stopping to function. We can put different wheels in the clock, and it keeps ticking, but that does not mean that the clock is no longer a clock! Just because she did those things to her body does not mean that suddenly, God went dumb.

In fact, your body changes every day, every hour, every minute. Science now knows that once every 7 years, your entire body changes, down at the cellular level – you are literally, not the same person you were 7 years ago. And you don’t look like it either. God does not have some little book about you that says, “This was Jane as I knew her but since you put a tattoo on that body I don’t know who you are!” If this were true, if God was this vain and demanding – nobody would get into heaven.

Think BIG when you think about God. Think VERY VERY BIG. God isn’t interested in pettinesses like this and splitting hairs. And besides, God told the woman she would not die for 30 – 40 years, and that would mean no matter what she looked like – no matter what she did to that body – she would live yet another 30-40 years. And, in any case, in near death experiences (NDE’s) I have never heard a single person (and yes, I have read many books and recountings on this very subject), say that they were given a specific amount of time left – the soul is told that it is not their time and they have to return to the body. If God has ever given a person a specific amount of time, I have never heard that before nor have I ever read it out of the countless NDE experiences I have learned about.

While the body is not the real YOU (the REAL you is your soul), your body is yours throughout this entire little trip we have here on earth. Your body is yours no matter how much you mistreat it, distort it, warp it, bend it or malign it – it is YOURS and that means, it is your earthly representation for this little chunk of visit to the planet.

The answer to the question posed is given in the story itself. Having reached a stage of being recipient of benediction, the vainglorious prevarication has wasted the achievement.
In his verse ‘mero man anat kahan sukh paavai’ , Surdas has described this predicament beautifully as :
“param gang ko chhadi piyaso durmati koop khanaavai” = shunning the pure flowing waters of Ganga river, the thirsty one is engaged in digging a well (to obtain water for quenching the thirst).

God is a loving personality only to those who craft a perception and conception of a divine nature. There are so many ways in which we can paint worded images of this sustaining force. God force, source power, base or core being, from my personal understanding it is energy using physical form as a catalyst to channel itself through our somatic manipulation of other physical creations or through our creative ability to manifest power of thought and desire into its physical representation of what we harbour in heart of mind.

Love is a word to define the immensely mystically profound transcendental divinely elevated euphoric sentiments, which we experience when we are fully open and connected, Love is a deluge, a flood of unrestricted unbound ineffable energy. It is the creative energy behind the entire cosmic, swirling in and out of everything with a supra natural fluidity.

Love is the highest most powerful creative force of all energies. A created sense of personality does induce a strong sense of an intimately personal nature, whereby those who choose to form an emotional attachment to the concept of a God personality will feel a divine sense of close presence. This God will recognise you based on how you have painted your perceptions of this God to be. If you paint a God that deeply cherishes every human being and is profoundly concerned for every one of his or her creations. Then you will have the feeling that God recognises you intimately inwardly and outwardly. This will become your subjective reality. Funny anaology!

Bless You!

This is not God. It is a silly joke. God is living in the heart of all living beings of all 8,400,000 species and knows everyone’s past lives and future lives. He knows the soul which is compared to a small bird eating the fruits of a tree being witnessed by another bird who is detached from the material sphere of sensual pleasure.

Funny how people don’t really know what a soul is , your body and soul look alike except the soul is perfect. If you gain weight the soul stays slim the body gets big meaning that the soul is perfect. Your soul forms your looks for how you look like and how you look like is how your soul looks like. God knows you for who you are .

Obviously by our soul. Because he gave birth to our soul not our body. Our body dies but our soul never dies. It just changes its body. Our physical looks can change with time but not our soul, its the same from birth till death. Your physical appearance can get spoilt, but the beauty and purity of your soul should never spoil, if it does than one is not fit to be called as human.

:-)) :-))

soul is given a role and role is performed by body.

if there is any deviation in the demonstration of allocated role, the soul is rejected from the scene.

Gee, and all this time I thought J Lo and Madonna were way ahead of me in the “heaven” line!

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