Spiritually speaking, since suicide is not an unforgivable sin…?

Could someone take an overdose of medication, and during the time-frame between taking the medication and dying – they accept Jesus as their saviour and repent for their actions – could they then enter heaven?

This is assuming God and heaven is real, however.

(I have asked a variation of the question before,…

Are you contemplating suicide? Every problem looks a lot smaller with enough light shining on it.

Answer to your question — only God knows.

The deal with salvation is that all sin is equal, so if a truly born again Christian takes the overdose and passes away the *waiting time* inbetween taking it and death would not necessitate a repentance to gain salvation for that one sin as they would already been saved.

However, the likelihood that someone with the presence of the Holy Spirit would commit an act like this or murder, etc is pretty unlikely, but possible, Im sure.

Suicide is a forgivable sin, it’s just very difficult. The only unforgivable sin is to become a Son of Predition, which is someone who has seen God but denied it.

Ethan, there is no god, no hell or heaven!
Suicide is not a sin, so there is no punishment for it!
Anyone who is depressed enough to take their own life, is not responsible for doing so! It is not their fault, nor the fault of family or friends!

yes! that is very possible. who are we to know for sure what happens at the split second before someone dies from sucides. He might have a very sincre repetance.

Yes. Can’t get more clear than that.

If they really meant it in their hearts. Yes they could.

It is possible for this to happen, yes, but in that state of mind of trying to kill oneself, it’s not likely that they would switch from extreme negative to extreme positive. I mean the devil would tell them to kill themselves but God would tell them to surrender to Christ.

That would be between Him and that individual that has pre-meditated murder.

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