What are your opinions, thoughts, comments, complaints, and concerns if donald trump was president?

I heard about this heated debate in the times and forbes magazine. i know how our government owes like a trillion dollars now. which is indeficit spending on our gov’s leaders in my opinion and that obama hasnt had the best of luck with our country’s issues. but i heard that donald trump would lower the gas…

donald trump, well I’d be a bit worried because first off he is obviously greedy, not to mention beings he has money he thinks thats what makes a man, a man, an then there is the fact that he put a girl who won miss america on a diet before, we are the fattest country in the world, whats he got planned for us, then the time he called rosie odonell a bunch of names, I kno she has a bad mouth too but she is still a female an he certainly didnt handle that argument like a man with any class, oh then theres the YOUR FIRED quote he made famous, God only knows how many times we’d have to hear that in his speeches an finally who wants their child’s view of what a president should be like to be DONALD FREAKIN TRUMP. well I’m a 33yr old mom and wife, I have 2 lil girls, been married 10 yrs now. thats my honest to God opinion, so if no one else gives it,, I want best answer, thank you 🙂

He is just another liberal. He talks a good show, but then so did Obama when he ran for office. I think Trump would do well dealing with the Chinese who are screwing us on trade. And with the Middle East who are screwing us on oil. But he has no plan to stop the spending and debt. I think he is all show and would get nothing at all done.

The country needs a genuine conservative who will shrink our out of control government. And do away with the police state we are becoming.

I would leave the country.

He makes my stomach ache just thinking about it.

I don’t want him running on the republican ticket.

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