What cities are near Cairo Egypt?

Im going with cousins/friends to Cairo Egypt and want to know what other cities are around that are not too far from Cairo? I heard Sharam El Sheikh is a lot of fun but its like an hour by plane…we’re trying not to go that far away from where we’re staying. Does anyone know the cities around Cairo and some…

Yes there is,
The best for tourists and closest city ( 211 km) near to cairo is Alexandria at the north you can go to by different ways by train ( 2-3 hours ) by car ( 2 hours ) or by plane.
It is coastal city and there is a lot of places to visit or you can go to the sea.
At day you can go to historical places if you like it :
Alexandria Aquarium,The Graeco-Roman Museum,The Royal Jewelry Museum,The Museum of Fine Arts,The Cavafy museum,The Alexandria National Museum,Citadel Qaitbay,Alexandria monument
or Modern places like :
Montaza Royal Gardens,Antoniades Park,Shallalat Gardens,Alexandria Zoo,Green Plaza,Fantazy Land,Maamoura Beach, Alexandria,Marina Village,Bibliotheca Alexandrina
You can move in the city by many ways like Tram or Minibus or Bus.
There is a lot of beaches local and private but i suggest Montaza beaches ( Aida beach ) and by the way the winter is about to start so the water will be cold.
There is a lot of restaurants and Coffee shops and Hotels from 1 star to 5 stars depends on your budget.
If you need more information about Alexandria visit this link :
If you want to see more pictures about Alexandria visit this link :
For Alexandria Directory please visit this link :
For Alexandria Map visit this link :
At the end i want to say welcome to Egypt for you and your friends and i hope you will have a great time and if you have any question post it here and i will answer or send me an E-mail,i live in Alexandria if you have any question about Alexandria or need in help in Alexandria please feel free to ask me and contact me any time.
Have a nice day

well Cairo’s sister is Giza which is considered to be one province with Qalyoubeiya, called Greater Cairo. Other near cities from Cairo are Suez, Ismailia and El Ain El Sokhna: about hour or hour and a half from Cairo by car.

well check these:

well check these:
Azhar park:
Cairo Tower
Mohamed Aly Pasha Mosque
Salah Eldin Castle
Egyptian Museum
Islamic Museum
Coptic Museum
Cairo Opera House
Giza Pyramids
6th of October Panorama
Andalusia Park
Mohamed Aly Pasha’s Palace in Qalyoubeiya
Qanater Khaireya
Cairo’s Mosques – Churches – Jewish Temples – Castles – Museums

have a nice trip, but you’ll lose a lot if you didn’t visit other Egyptian cities, Cairo is not the best Egyptian city.
good luck

Cairo is one of many world’s great megacities. As wonderful since it is crazy, and as abundant with ancient finery since it is half dilapidated, Cairo tends to be a town that travellers love and hate in equal steps therefore learn by which band you is likely to be with the aid of this place hotelbye . In Cairo you will see, beyond the present day hubbub, a record that spans centuries. Full of vigour, Cairo is where you truly get a sense for Egyptian road life and no visit to Egypt is complete without a remain in the city Arabs contact Umm al-Dunya (The Mother of the World). The definitely incredible assortment of antiquities displayed in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum causes it to be among the world’s good museums and certainly a area for everybody’s to visit.

I went to Egypt a few years ago with the military and it was awesome! Sorry to say, there are no sand dunes there. It’s all flat sand. Places of interest are the pyramids, sphinx and the shopping. The people are actually pretty nice and love the American dollar (I’m assuming you’re from America, sorry if you’re not!) Just be careful of the peddlers around the touristy places! They don’t like to give change if you buy something and they harass the hell out of you until you buy something or until you let the local police know they are bothering you. Local law enforcement doesn’t like when visitors are harassed. I’m sure you’ll see a couple peddlers literally get dragged away by the cops cuz they bothered someone to much. You’ll have a great experience, have fun!

go to alexandria, it’s amazing! i love it there, it’s very nice and it’s by the sea and beautiful.

cairo is a massive city and there are all kinds of things to do there, there are a lot of shopping malls which are great fun to go and visit, there are also lots of famous sites, the pyramids probably being the most famous!

there is a really big mosque that i can’t remember the name of :s but i think it’s the most famous in cairo, and there’s cairo tower that you can go up and see just how big the city is!

many many things to do!

ok so listen to me
u have Giza which the pyramids and the nile and u will find alot of fun there u can take aboat at the river nile or watch Egypt museum which located at El ta7reer other cites far and away from cairo i wished to tell u AlX but it’s at less 3 hours by express train so Giza is the best choice for you and it’s side by side to cairo

Alexandria is about 3 hours by train thats the closest city you would like to go

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cairo -look on the map on the right side of the screen.

theres plenty to see in that area. the pyramids and valley of the kings are a must. most of the stuff you want to see is in the area.

go check google

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