What do you think about gay marriage?

Okay, i know we have all heard this question about a million and two times, but i feel like asking the question in 2 sections, lgbt and religion.

im gay, to set the record. peace!

1.how does it affect “traditional” families?
2.how does it religious views?
3.what do you think your…

This is a very interesting question.. specially the bullet points!

1. It does not affect “traditional” marriages.. There are still heterosexuals in the world who are getting married and bring on babies to this world!

2. It’s known that gay doesn’t mean the person is not religious.. It’s the church and the other religious places that look at gays different and wouldn’t want them to be praying or stepping foot in them.. The way i see it, these preachers who preach acceptance and love need to be preached as well!

3. From what i know, the old testament of the Bible condemns homosexual acts in 7 places ( i think ) .. At least that’s how they interpret it.. While the same Bible condemns heterosexual sex before marriage in 300 places! But personally i see it differently.. The Bible is a book of symbols altogether yet it seems that these preachers can’t see any symbols ONLY in the passages where “homosexuality is condemned”.. That’s ironic! And in the Quraan, i’ve heard from friends that it also doesn’t approve of it.. And that it’s said that homosexuals are going to hell, and there are degrees of hell, and they’re going to the worst part of hell .. Now i’m not muslim and i don’t know as much about it as a muslim would.. But i know that MOST of its passages have a historic reason to why they’re there.. For example a man being allowed to marry 4 women at the same time was only because there was war and stuff and men were abroad and they needed to fulfill their sexual desires, and they didn’t want to sin ( as sex without marriage is a sin ) so this “rule” was made…
And yes i am religious, to a certain degree.. I’m christian and yet i don’t believe in the same God homophobic christians believe in.. I don’t see how God, the loving being, can be so hateful.. So i don’t believe in the God that they believe in.. My God is a peaceful being who does not condemn a person for making him/her the way they are..

5. Civil union is not the same as marriage.. There are rights i will not get if i got a civil union.. If civil union is so grand, why don’t the heterosexual couples wishes to get married get civil unions instead?? Let’s ban marriage altogether! That’s the only way i’d accept civil union, if all hetero marriages suddenly were approved of not existing and everybody gay or straight got civil unions instead of marriages..

6. The benefit of being gay is being tolerant and accept.. No matter what my child is i will accept him/her.. If he/she was straight and wanting to get married to the opposite sex i will totally support it.. I will not hurt someone so dear to me the way i’ve been hurt.. I will not be that kind of parent..

7. Thanks for this question.. I love it really.. I love when i get to write down a whole lot about something i really know about.. I really get angry when heterosexual people want to decide for homosexuals how we feel and how we “chose” to feel..

1) It should only affect “traditional” families if someone among is gay and marries. Otherwise they need to mind there own business and pull their finger out.

2) I think you are missing a word, either way I can’t make sense of the question. I will take a stab in the dark and add “affect”. But even then, it depends on the religion, they don’t all dislike gay people.

3) I don’t subscribe to any of those religious texts. And, to be quite frank, I don’t care what they say/think.

4) Wondering why you skipped it?

5) Because it’s not the same … if it were the same then they wouldn’t need to call it “civil union” just for us, would they?

6) Good for him/her?

7) Just that this seemed more directed to the people of the religion section then it does for those in LGBT.

1: it has no effect on the “traditional” family,

2: can only speak about christian view as that’s all I’m familiar with, bible actually doesn’t address gay marriage, it is clear about gay sex though (it is not right for a man to lay with a man lev 20), however it’s even more clear about those who pass judgment (judge not least ye be judged mthw 7:1, let he who is without sin cast the first stone john 8) and how government and religion should not be mixed (give unto cesar what is cesar’s and to god what is gods mthw 22:21).

3: see #2, I am an atheist but I would say that the bible is clear about the sex act but it is not much more than a sub text in a book about being honest, fair and (if you believe in the bible) leaving between god and those who “struggle with that sin”, basically it’s gods place to judge not an individuals there by no christian should be voting to take away others choice and intrude into their business. I personelly don’t believe any of it and think it’s a load of crap considering what those that claim to believe in it have done with it, they are after all the single greatest proof that its all B.S.

4: you missed 4

5: why not, seems to me it would be simpler if that’s all there was for anyone no matter their sexual orientation.

6: that would be their choice, it would be my job as a parent to help them succeed in life.

7: if some states have chosen to ban gay marriage (like CA) then they need a ban on all marriage. if they want to get all worked up over the word marriage let them have it, let it be nothing more than a legally meaningless ceremony in a church and let the legally binding union be something separate that is equal for everyone.
I’m pro equality and I’m straight

1.how does it affect “traditional” families?

well gee, i don’t consider my family to be ‘traditional’ we just are what we are and it wouldn’t really affect us much at all, maybe my mom would criticize america a bit more she usually jokes about anything being able to marry with anything in america… like she says jokes that the next issue will be whether guys can marry dogs lol

2.how does it religious views?

affect you mean? well i’m not very knowledgeable about the religious text so i recommend you hit up a couple of priests/ministers/rabbi/w/e and ask them.

3.what do you think your bible/Torah/Quran/etc.. says about homosexuality/marriage? how do you interpret that? are you religious?

well… same answer as # 2

5.why not a civil union?

what happened to question 4? lol

civil union? what exactly do you mean? no comprende man

6what if your child was gay,or wanted to have a same sex marriage?

my child would never be gay, trust me o_0

7.anything else you would like to add?

i just ate 5 hot dogs with 6 bowls of rice and some green onions

1. It has no effect whatsoever on “traditional” marriage or families.
2. It makes me understand that Jesus was all about equal treatment, especially of the marginalized.
3. Scriptures talk about man-woman marriages a lot, but scriptures don’t address other kinds of unions at all. Jewish and Christian scriptures talk about homosexual sex activity as being an abomination and something forbidden by God. It must be remembered that these writings were products of their times, places and circumstances; and that they might reflect the opinions of the persons who wrote these things down.
4. Civil unions would be fine if they were for everyone. Separate is never equal. Never.
5. If I had a gay child and he/she wanted to marry a person of the same gender I would support that 100%.

I am a Lutheran Christian and very active in the worship life of my parish church. Yes, I am also gay.

1. Ah, the traditional family, where women are property, marital rape is legal, and children are treated as objects and beaten. That’s traditional marriage in my book. Why the hell would I want to be part of something that traditionally views me as a type of slave? That said, it’s freaking ridiculous for the government to deny citizens legal rights based on sexuality, even stupid things like marriage.

2-3I’m an atheist too, so I don’t care what people’s silly religious texts say. Seperation of church and state please.

5. Why not civil unions? Because that’s what marriage already is from a legal standpoint, a civil contract. The US government does not regulate religious marriage. No church is required to equally marry people (it is legal for an church to refuse to marry people for any reason, some won’t marry people who aren’t members of their religion, people who’ve been divorced, inracial couples, etc.), however, civil marriage is a civil right (see Loving v Virginnia for that ruling) and must be given to all citizens equally.

6. Despite my reservations about marriage, I would show up, and even help arrange/pay for the wedding if asked. Even though it’s something I see as silly, if it was important to my child, I would be there for them because I love them, not because I like the notion of marriage.

7. As someone coming from one of the thirty states where someone can legally be fired for being gay (and in my state, you have no protection for child custody, housing, education, health care, or anything else either), why the heck is this what we are focusing on? As a low income, disabled, queer, atheist who objects to the notion of marriage the whole gay marriage movement seems kind of silly when I could legally be evicted for being queer, or denied health care that I need.

1. It undermines their roll and position (well i have my reasons! )
2. I don’t care about religion
3. nope i’m not religious
5. yeah that’s fine
6. I would just hope my child has found the right partner and help them in whatever way i can. the rest is up to them to manage their life.
7. I think in the struggle for gay rights that SMILE works a hundred times more efficient and practical than a myriad of tedious exorciating legal/religious debates!

im not religious….im not gay (well, for now im not….lol!) i dont have a problem with gay marriages.

it shouldn’t affect traditional families, but it does… not everyone is open-minded or understanding.
religion will always have a problem… because they are so dated, despite the fact that there have been gays since the romans… lol. sorry!
the government will always more than likely be against you.

if i ever had kids (god forbid) i seriously wouldnt care if they were gay, or wanted a same sex marriage. as long as they are good people, i would support them.

Gay marriage itself doesn’t really have all that much of an effect on “traditional” (actual) families but when homosexuals try to forcefully cram their agenda down people’s throats it shows the rather unflattering truth about the kind of intolerant hypocrites they really are. As long as gays are getting married in a back alley by a justice of the peace as they should be and not trying to get the church involved in their perversion I couldn’t care less.

If two consenting perverted freaks want to do whatever behind closed doors where I’m not being forced to pretend their perversion is “natural” then that’s up to them, but I refuse to be called a bigot, a homophobe, or any other name the members of the leftist gay agenda can throw at me for calling a spade a spade.

The Bible says that men and women are created for each other and basic human anatomy backs that fact up.]

If I found out that my child was a homosexual I would put it up for adoption for his or her own sake.

I approve of a civil union as this gives legal binding protection to both parties in a same sex relationship. I am heterosexual and an atheist and I do not approve of the word marriage in a same sex relationship.What consenting adults do in private is entirely their own business.Leave marriage as something young girls dream about.

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