What do you think of two adults who want to exchange favorite stuffed animals as a measure of our love?

I met him while we were both taking a summer school class. Tomorrow is our last day of class. Both of us are in the A range. I really cant sleep and we both had a traumatic afternoon when some police officers in a park we went to on Monday discovered us going together to a secluded part of the park to make love…

That’s very sweet. Personally, I wouldn’t give him my one and only “chuckie” because if things ever turned ugly, we split up and he simply threw it out, I would feel REALLY bad (I have some separation issues…) How about purchasing him a NEW bear and giving it to him? I know that isn’t QUITE the same… But if you trust him enough to look after one of your most prized possessions and return it to you if things go wrong, you’re a stronger person than I.

Good luck! (And stay out of public parks, please. There’s a right time and place for stuff like that.)

I had a little stuffed bear named Bobo. I used to carry him around with me EVERYWHERE!! Even to the restroom!! My mom threw him away though after 4 yrs. because he was soo dirty, and she was afraid that I would contact something that wouldn’t be curable. I remember how I cried and cried for days, but she never did give him back to me. I guess I should have realized that one missing arm, and a really tattered leg should have been evidence to get rid of him, and find me a new animal to play with. I guess I was just stubborn. I still think of Bobo from time to time.

that was pretty much the cutest story i have ever heard!!

if you’re sure you love him, why not?
he obviously loves you alot to be able to give up his “bucky”.

i say go for it!
if you feel that’s what you want to do 🙂

You call a warning traumatic? Haha.

You’re cute.

YESS!! if not for you then for all the people here who only wish something that cute could happen in their life…

Only if you feel that you should…Just be aware that theres more than one true love if this one doesnt work out.

That is so cute! Hey, if it suits you, then go for it! that is so unique, I might have to write a story about it someday. =)

Aaawww thats soo cute^^
ya do

H-huh? Oh, n…no. This isn’t a hard-on. I’m not…I didn’t get sexually aroused by this. I…I just…I…

I have to go to the bathroom for a while.

That’s adorable, go for it. It will be your good luck charm!

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