What is faster stock mustang gt automatic or stock mustang gt manual?

their both the same speed except obvoiusly a manual transmission has the head start and precision that an auto tranny doesnt. so the manual has an edge

The manual is generally faster. For one reason an automatic eats up some horsepower. Depends on the year too. The newer Mustangs have much better transmissions. The 5.0 Mustangs there was a huge difference between the two. The AOD automatic Mustang sucked and T5 manual was worlds faster. But this is all true for most cars.

The reason why a manufacturer would install an automatic is because not everyone likes to shift all day, especially sitting in traffic. It’s so they can sell more cars. There were plenty of so called muscle cars from the 60’s that came with automatics.

Installing a turbo set up takes one of two routes- 1. You buy a quality kit, that has instructions and every thing you need. 2. You spend a lot of time doing research, fabrication and learning the hard way. Now the nice thing about going with choice one is that the complete project can be done in a day or two. The bad thing is that it costs a bunch of money. If I knew a supplier of a quality kit, I could give you the exact price. Now choice two is not so nice- it can take about a year of research to identify what turbo charger gives the AR ratio you need, figure out how to get enough fuel to the pistons, how to modify the ignition curve, where to place sensors for inlet air temp and pressure, and where to run all the plumbing. Then comes the fabrication and installation. When it is all set up- then the trouble shooting starts and this may take a few engines to get all the bugs worked out. So I suggest that you find a good Mustang Forum and see what others have tried. Maybe some one there will have done most of the work for you. There are also Mustang Magazines out there and on the internet, maybe one of them has an article on an installation. The above is as about a complete information as can be provided in this space.

As everyone has said…

Any automatic transmission will have more drivetrain loss than a manual transmission would. Therefore, the manual transmission would put down a couple more horses.

Second, the Manual transmission car has the advantage of manually shifting (Hence the name, manual) from the driver.

Also, I believe they are geared differently, and the manual transmission has a higher gear ratio, getting it off the line a bit faster as well… But making more shifts.

In the end, it’s almost the same, but as you build up enough power, an AOD transmission is the only way to go.

that all depends on the driver if u know how to drive a stick good the manual is faster i ve raced people wit manuals and left them but there have been some that jus take off on me

depends on type of “faster” your talking about.

In drag racing the auto is preferred do to less driver error and quicker shifts.

Road racing manual due to the fact you need to shift up and down at moments notice.

If your talking top speed. It doesn’t matter. They will both go the same speed.

mustang with manal trans is faster , the reason being is the driver can control when to shift,,and a manual trans is lighter in weight,compared to an automatic, with an auto trans the computer controls when to shift,

The manual if you know how to drive a stick shift right.

Never understood why any manufacturer would make a “muscle car” with an auto trans.

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