What kind of collar will help train my puppy on a leash?

I have a 5 month old 11lb chi mix puppy.
Originally she had a collar but was so small it was hard to get her to walk properly on it so for a couple weeks we tried a harness but realized that it wasn’t teaching her anything about walking close to us, we just ended up having to work more to keep her close. So we…

i have a Boston terrier i had a similar problem then i went and got a anti tug harness with leash and it did the trick i swear by them now i won’t use a choke chain i had a dog die once it collapsed his esophagus because he pulled so hard and regular collars can come off easily and and u really have no control

Sounds like you need to get a harness and either a retractable leash that locks or there is a special type of leash(can’t remember what its called) that is only about a foot long. You attach it to the harness and the dog is forced to walk beside you because it has no where to run and has to stay next to you. It worked great with my grandmas boxer. He used to pull really bad and after a few days on the short leash understood he wasn’t going anywhere. Plus, the harness will help with the pulling because it will be safer for you to yank him back on a harness rather then a collar. Plus, if hes to the point hes choking, no kind of leash is going to work without a harness.

The Gentle Leader is okay, I like the Easy Walk Harness better, dogs don’t seem to mind it as much.

With a small dog that pulls a harness is a must, they can damage their throat with a collar. It sounds like the leash might be the issue. Try making her drag the leash in the house, and practice walking on the leash in the house and garden where there are less distractions.

I have a 6 m/o Border Collie puppy who would pull and pull and pull while out walking. We used regular buckle collars and a harness but neither worked, even with training. We’ve now switched to a head collar (Gentle Leader brand), and it has worked wonders. He can’t pull since the collar is around his head and would simply bring him back in my direction. With a few days of training and adjusting to the feel of it, he now walks in a heel position without fuss. You need to read the instructions and watch the video before using it, though, just so you understand how to use it correctly. I highly recommend a head collar.

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