What Tablet is best for a college student?

Im starting college next month and im thinking about getting a tablet to help me organize everything. ill be taking a lot of notes so maybe something with a voice to text app or something like that or one i can use a stylus with, and anything else a college student might be looking for in a tablet any ideas?

I use my tablet in class and really love it, i got tired of typing onscreen so i got a bluetooth roll up keyboard i bring with me thats perfect, i got the xoom and really am pretty happy with it, theres some apps you can get that let you draw or take detailed notes for math and whatnot… that came in handy, overall i love my xoom for class only sometimes i find myself playing a game or surfing the web instead of paying attention, but i digress, heres a review of the xoom if you wanna look at that one, good luck

Tablets are a waste of money for college students. Many professors don’t even allow them (or laptops or netbooks) in class because they’re a distraction. Tablet keyboards are too small to type on comfortably, anyway. I can’t imagine typing an entire research paper on one of those things.

Take class notes with paper and pen; studies show that people are more likely to remember information if they write it by hand, rather than type it.

You obviously need a computer for college. A plain old desktop computer is sufficient, but a laptop is most practical– you can bring it to the library or cafeteria or wherever to work on stuff.

Great article about why tablets are a bad idea for college; http://dealnews.com/pages/10-Reasons-Not…

Just use a regular paper notebook for taking notes. Having something with internet access will be distracting and many professors won’t allow computers in lectures for that reason. And if a professor has an open-note test, you’re not going to be allowed to use a tablet.

One of my friends has a special pen/paper that records as she writes, so when she is looking over her notes later, she can hear exactly what the professor was saying as she wrote.

Actually, none of them.

You’re much better off just taking notes on a laptop or (gasp) handwriting!


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