Why do goths like cemetery’s and death?

I know goths aren’t “satanic” but why do they like going to cemetery’s and interested in death and scary stuff like that? Just wondering.

Pidlan Fawr,Emme,and MiZZb0Nez are all wrong.
1)Only poser’s are goth because its against the ‘norm’.Most of those goths are just kids seeking attention and know nothing about our subculture.

2)Just because we lable ourselves as goth doesn’t mean we want attention it just means we are apart of the goth subculture and there’s nothing wrong with that

3)not all goths want to be thought of as vampire’s your confusing us with people of the vampire subculture,two diffrent things.Some goths dont even like vampires.Not all goths ‘grow out of it’ look at Jillian Venters and adorabatbrat those are just two of many goths who stay goths as adults
and live normal lives infact they are pretty succesful.

Anyway getting to the question Reagan pretty much said it in a nut shell,many goths are attracted to dark things and cemeteries because they find beauty and intrest in dark and macabre things,not all goths like everything dark and spooky some might like certain things some might not it depend on the person.Personally I’ve always loved dark and macabre things even before I became apart of the subculture I think cemeteries are beautiful and peaceful.

Death – because it is an interesting subject. You don’t talk of death that often, do you? If, like many people, you don’t, then it is clearly a unique subject that could lead to unique conversations.

Cemeteries -Because they are calm places, the structures are aesthetically pleasing, and to some, time almost stops. Getting some history in, you know?

Other creepy things – Many people like The Nightmare Before Christmas because it dabbles in creepiness and makes it pretty. Goths like to find beauty in unexpected places. Simple as that.

I used to love strolling around cemeteries reading gravestones, whether i did no longer be attentive to anybody buried interior the cemetery. i’m uncertain what that’s, yet you’re good, that’s thrilling to study human beings’s gravestones, just to verify how long they lived, different the inscriptions are thrilling as properly. provided it does not bypass plenty added than only being fascinated in reading the inscriptions and stuff then you definately do no longer probable have something to stress approximately,

Goths are an intelligent lot. They are not stupid. If you are goth, you will more than likely stay goth your whole life. Do not listen to the uninformed.
We accept death. It's that simple. We embrace it rather than ignore it. We also view death as something beautiful and mysterious.
Goths see beauty where others don't. That's what makes us who we are. Morbid yes, but that's one of our characteristics.

There is something going on behind doors that other people aren’t aware of

Don’t you mean cemeteries?

Goths aren’t normal..they want to be thought of as vampire types…spooky and eerie…they’ll grow out of it. How many Goth pensioners do you know?

Because they love the dark side and are drawn to it

Death is the ultimate mystery is it not…

Because it’s being against the norm. And being against the norm is cool.

It depends..

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