Why do liberals think it is insulting to call true Conservatives “the religious right”?

I don’t take that as an insult, but I think it is because they believe being religious means you are somehow less intelligent. As if many of the most influential people in the history of the world were not religious.

You don’t have to be religious or ultra religious to be conservative. You just have to cling to the past. As an example. Jesus had long hair and a beard. Ultra conservatives in the 1960’s took great offense to the hippie movement where they rejected the crew cuts, short hair and clean faces of the establishment and the ultra conservatives advocated forced public haircuts. Ultra conservative religious people have generally always had long hair and beards. Most Amish, all devote conservative Jewish and Muslims have always had longer hair and full beards. It some instances it is required of unmarried males. So, how do you now equate that short haired, three piece suit mentality that goes to Church and sees Jesus was long flowing hair and beard reacting hostily to the hippies who often even wore things close to robes and were peaceful and philosophical. It’s got nothing to do with religious views and everything to do with not liking change. Resisting change. Some people view Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation is being a LIBERAL movement. If you look at what Luther was going up against, he was actually an ultra-conservative opposed to the Liberalization of the Catholic Church, which is supposed to be a conservative, Orthodox religion. Luther not only wanted the practise of paying to be allowed to sin removed, his concepts was you weren’t suppose to sin at all and thus there is no need for confession either, for you are suppose to be sin free. That’s a seriously right wing viewpoint.

Liberals are the new fascist Nazi’s.

They can’t tolerate any opinion different than their’s.

Look what they do to college speakers. They throw urine, pies, pull fire alarms, start fights, etc etc, to keep conservative’s from speaking.

They want to pass laws to eliminate talk radio.

Liberals are intolerant, bigoted fascists, incapable of allowing free speech.

Islamicfascists have pledged to murder you and me.

Liberals want to help them.

Conservatives want to fight them.

Liberalism is ok when it is practiced.

But todays America’s liberals, are not real liberals.

They are against change of all types and devoid of new idea’s or solutions to problems.

Conservatives offered many new programs and initiatives the last 6 years, and liberals always fought against them, with never an original idea or solution to offer in return.

Liberals love it whan a woman murders a child that is unborn but hate it when criminals who rape, murder and commit attrocities get the death penality.

In reality the liberals of today are Stalinists and Marxists. Their belief that government is the solution to all problems and no wealth should be privately owned is what drives todays liberals.

They are also anti-American. They believe America is the worlds problem and the world would be better off without America in it.

Liberals are all for forsaking the poor weak and downtrodden if America’s military is involved in keeping them alive, but insist on keeping America’s poor weak and downtrodden in their miserable existance because of ‘political correctness’, (New Orleans and any urban city).

I’m sure that moderate conservatives and non-religious conservatives would be insulted to find out that they’re not “true conservatives”.

The religious right is just the ultra right-wing of the Republican party. From what I can see, even the present Government thinks they’re a pain in the butt.

They don’t. True conservatives, as you call them, have many things to be conservative about. Religion is just one of those things.
The Religious Right is a journalistic term for southerners and midwesterners, chiefly protestants who consistently vote conservatively and for the Republican party.
Nothing to be insulted about there, from either side of the aisle.

Yea, the true conservative, the one that wants to change everything!

If you couldn’t tell, that was a joke. With these religious people you can’t always be sure they’ll see reality unless you smack them with a 2×4 with it engraved on it.

Though I’d be happy to engrave this post in there for ya, now would I include this line or not…

I don’t think it’s insulting at all… I think it is pretty sad, though, when people USE religion for political gain. I’m not against religion in any way, shape, or form, but I’m definitely against people who use it for their own personal gain and don’t even live by the virtues their religion preaches.

Ted Haggard is/was the religious right.

Cause liberals view religion as an evil presence in our society. They look down on religion and anyone who has religious faith.

Very good question. That just makes me feel good.

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