Why many Americans believe that US is a superpower which can invade any country they choose when in reality..?

..America reminds terminally ill patient which could pass away any minute.

Because many American people never travel outside their own country. They simply do not realize that there are real superpowers such as China which holds mortgage on America, Russia which is way more powerful. In addition false and misleading governmental propaganda made them to believe in this nonsense.

The objective of Jihadists is not to conquer America. It’s to terrorize and kill Americans. The real fear is a well placed Nuclear bomb or other weapon capable of killing many people at one time. Terrorisms objective is to terrorize, ie scare enough people that the economy suffers and life as we know it here is disrupted enough that nothing gets done and we fear them enough to change. The terrorists in the ME that target us, find our culture and way of life objectionable and either, want to create a Muslim State or kill Westerners thus eradicating our culture and diverse religious beliefs. The US has encountered far fewer acts of terror than other countries. The Oklahoma CIty bombing exposed two domestic terrorists but there has been some evidence that it may have been Al Queda funded. The first WTC bombing in 93 was linked to Muslim extremists. 9/11 was our first real taste of what other countries have experienced for many years. So, the “war on terror” has nothing to do with fear that we will be overrun and conquered. It has everything to do with trying to prevent another 9/11 here or anywhere else in the world.

We are not superpower. We are at bottom of a drain. Our economy is done, our national currency soon will be used instead of a toilet paper, we are no longer respected, we are being hated, our national debt is many trillions of dollars. We are terminally and mentally ill patient which is slowly but surely dying.

Somebody forgot to lock the doors at the ****** bin again.

America was a super power until the Bush Sr& Jr got into office.
Now we are consider second class by all the other nations

Lord help us when Obama and his crew are done with America.
We think the last 8 years were bad just wait till Obama is finished with America

We are a paper tiger. We only can bully small and weak countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. We are totally bankrupt financially, morally and mentally.

Weel what would happen if say we decided to bomb China? We could theoretically hit them so hard and fast it would cripple them since they purposely devalue their own currency. If we target the three rivers damn we could create havoc in an entire region of their country.

Also what many people don’t realize is that our economic “problems” have affected the rest of the world while they may be having a little bit of a boost right now but ultimately they will feel the same burdon if not worse.

Go … ok?

Truth wizard.. lol.
what an oxymoron…. when it comes to your knowledge on this topic.
I have to laugh at someone so utterly ill informed…
what a duechbag!

How many countries could have absorbed an attack like 9/11?

we are the only superpower left….look it up?

also we have the best military technology, we can take out any country

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