Will the clubs let me in?

My 18th birthday has unfortunately fallen on a sunday, so i want to go out on the saturday but the place where i am going is really strict on id. At 12oclock i will be 18 wont i? so will all the bouncers let me in do u think? ir will they be really funny about it?

if it is an 18+ club or restaurant i am sure they will let you in when the clock strikes 12 but probably not before if they are very strict. good luck!

they would probly let you in if your 18, well my advice is bring some i.d with you and if the bouncers give you any stick just show them dat and bring a watch to show them the time lol.. have fun on your birthday 🙂

If you bring your id (like a passport) then you might be ok, if not, you’ll have to wait till 12 to gain entry. If not, go out next weekend instead.

If you look eighteen yet you are younger you will be admitted in more places than what will turn you away,and if you are over eighteen but don’t look it without id you’ll not be admitted.

They will let you in stop being a chicken. Tell them you make your own rules.

if you tell the bouncers that bouncer they will not let you in.

go in at midnight!! :o) ♥

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