Would a Colin Powell Presidential Endorsement Make a Difference?

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell will appear on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, prompting speculation that he might make a presidential endorsement. What effect would a Powell endorsement have?

I’m not going to look up a million links to prove my point, but just a few and let people attempt common sense and some memory for the rest.

The answer is “YES” it will make a difference even before the ads start running (with very nice soundbites ready to roll) for the following reasons:

1) He was and is highly respected as a military adviser and almost non-partisan political figure who has generally kept his opinions private.

2) A poll referenced in one of my links from August shows a 2:1 increased favorable response to his endorsement of Obama.

3) His influence among military families as someone that actually cares about the troops and if adopted his approaches would have saved their lives is underestimated.

4) His endorsement and reasons why are so powerful and well thought out that they hit the nail on the head for independents and non-radical Republicans who feel they are being manipulated to vote for any Bush like term.

Anyone that thinks he is doing this either because he is black or any other petty reason, hasn’t followed his career very well. This will influence the Independents and Centrist Republicans who are sick of the mismanagement under Bush and fear McCain has either sold out or has been showing bad judgment lately.

Both the extreme left and right are wrong on their opinions of Powell. He was a soldier and a loyal one that kept his disagreements and alternative solutions (peaceful approach to Iraq and a better battle plan) private. He can be condemned for actually following orders and doing his job to some degree as the lamb sent to the U.N., but who really wants renegade Cabinet holders and he didn’t cook the intelligence….the CIA and Tenet did that.

He’s reflected on what he did wrong and seems to have a conscience. Even if you don’t agree with his politics, you should respect the man for his principles.

This is the point that the tide really turns for Obama with all those Veteran and current Military Families and others on the fence because they worried about Obama’s leadership as Commander in Chief. Regardless of what others claim…this was necessary or Obama might just lose in the 5-9% regional Bradley factor (still possible). This endorsement and the video will be viral very quickly and all the ones that think Obama is either the devil or the next coming will not decide this…the middle will and Powell has just given or reinforced their sway towards Obama in a big way that few if any others could have.

Who knows?
Powell is likely too prudent to make a public endorsement.
He does not have to make one.
An endorsement of Obama would be seen by too many people as a vengeful move against the Bush Administration and Powell was too good a military line officer for too many years to destroy his reputation by doing that.
He’s smart enough to know that Obama supporters would try to misinterpret his support to harm Bush, McCain, and the US.

He is now a highly respected business and community leader, popular with everyone from both sides of the aisle.
Republican elders would see him as a traitor, even those who have had their own serious departures from Bush.
Even prominent Democrats would see that as disloyal.

He may not be willing to support McCain so it would be wise to simply keep his own counsel.

Having listened to Republican Colin Powell endorse Senator Obama today.

It will be the closer. Obama will become President.

obama endorsement will close the deal in favor of obama

mccain endorsement will make it an all-night results waiting game giving mccain a chance for victory

that is taking into consideration that the obmedia will bury general powells’ endorsement of mccain and plaster it all over the world stage if he endorses obama.

ps. i fear it will be an obama endorsement, and he will win by 13% points

knowbama nobama

Colin Powell has always kept his politics very quiet. His endorsement will be significant.

Colin Powell is going to endorse Obama. He sure as snot isn’t going to endorse old man McCain.

I saw a teaser that said he will endorse Obama on Sunday’s
Meet the Press. However I personally feel it is late in the
game to endorse as so many already have decided who
they are voting for.
Nov 4th will tell.

Colin Powell isnt going to endorse any one. Did you forget that he was scaped goated for the intel on Iraq and that hes drawing a federal pension

Not likely. He will not endorse the Republicans who left him twisting in the wind, and if he endorses the Democrats he will be seen a a traitor.

Not anymore than Joe Lieberman’s did for John McCain at the RNC.

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