Would you get a 2 door or 4 door car?

Hello, I’m debating whether I should buy a 2 door or a 4 door car. I’m looking at the 2006 honda civic 2 door and the 4 door versions. I’m kind of torn between the 2. I like the 4 door because it’s bigger, meaner and its feels safer(may not be the case) while the 2 door feels more sporty but of…

4 door!

2 door cars are such a pain to get in and out of sometimes.

Its way extra convenient to get a automobile seat and toddler out and in of a 4 door automobile than that’s a 2 door automobile! i could pass 4 door, you may constantly have it painted in case you absolutley hate the colour. I also have a rebuilt call automobile, as long because of the fact the guy doing it does a stable interest they are in simple terms as risk-free as the different automobile.

You’re single and like the sporty cars, so go with the two door.

They’re really no smaller inside, it just seems that way when you enter.

Nice choices! But idk usually depends on you. I would go for the 4 door mainly because when I go out with couple ppl its a hasle for them to go in the back. But then again 2 door is more sporty nd sexy lol. But if you go with the 2 door you might trade it in later for a 4 door jus in case you have kids! So think ahead.

I prefer a 3-door vehicle. But that’s just me.

Four door every time.

a four door car

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