Yahoo Answers Rule Violations >.>?

I Recently had 20 points removed for a question asking for a list of private servers for a game.( dont want to list which one might get banned or some crap >.> )
While at the same time there’s questions asking for WOW servers everywhere and none have been removed, nor had points removed.
I did not use…

It is just because of trolls(those who report your posts even not a violation… just for fun). That is also happening to me, but I always submit the appeal form(you can find it in the message of violation that yahoo has been send to your mail). And fortunately, I won.
Just appeal, and those who report you will lose their influence in YA, for them to be unable to report falsely again.

And also, privatize your profile:;_ylt…
Check “On my public profile, only show my Answers Network to my Contacts”
This is to tighten up your security.

In 2008, Yahoo switched to Community Moderation. Previously, it was a Yahoo employee who would delete your question. Then you knew that you really broke a rule.

Now it only takes one Yahoo user to hit the “Report Abuse” button and your question gets deleted. Immediately. Yahoo never sees the question at all.

Click on FORUM at the left side of any Y!A page. Ask the community if they think your question broke a rule. You are allowed to write the entire question. They will tell you how to write an appeal that will win. You will get your points back. More importantly, the person who “reported” you gets demoted. Next time, his report will not cause the question to be deleted so fast. So you have done a favor for the entire community.

Yahoo deletions are done by computer. All it takes is one “reliable” reporter to flag your response or question and you will receive a violation. Whoever reported you took exception to your answer, regardless of whether or not it is factual. It was a personal response. That happens on here all the time. Especially if the person is trying to provoke a certain type of response or simply does not like your answer. You may be able to appeal the violation but it’s better to just move on and ignore the questioner in future. Chances are the person who reported you is the same person who asked the question, which may or may not even be based on the truth.

Points are lost for the following:
1. -10 points-question violation
2. -12 points-answer violation
3. -5 points-Asking a question
4. -2 points-Delete a question
Accounts can get suspended if you gather many violations.
Common violations to watch out for.
1. Chatting: Asking a question directly to specific members or solitications.…
2. Posting in all caps. This is a form of spam. Limit the amount of capitals you use.
3. Excessive symbols: Limit them or do not make them distracting. They are not the biggest problem, but people are often unaware of this.
4. Avatar violations: Sexual Profanity, Violant images, inapprioate nicknames.
5. Statments: Vague questions and statments that are not asking questions can sometimes be a form of spam and disrupt the community.
6. Insults
7. Sexual Profanity
8. Spam/Ads
9. Rants
Read the Yahoo guidelines carefully.……
Appeal here, but if the appeal is lost then points will be subtracted.

There are three things that have to occur:

1. The Q is a violation.
2. Some users have to see it.
3. Some users have to report it.

In your case all three occurred, in your example one of the things did not occur. Did you report the example. If not, you really can’t complain about yours.

You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes people report violations for the strangest reasons. Since I didn’t see the question I can’t say what it was.

The other post you referred to is closed and is for reference only.

It can be that:

►Your question is more like chatting question.
►Trolls report your question for no reasons.

its because they are all a bunch of HATERS!!!

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