Are there still men out there that respect women?

Or is this a lost cause? It seems like many of the men I come into contact with only want to have sex with you and they don’t want to take a woman out on a date and if they do, they feel like you owe them something. I went on a date with a guy, and even though he paid for it, he complained about how he spent “$30″…


I have that same problem! It’s sooo sad how men are these days. There are good men still out there, but they’re hard to find…My friends tell me to be patient, but it is hard and depressing at times. My advice would be, let a good respectful man find you….he’ll come on time!

Don’t worry. their are plenty of guys out there that respect women, but
lots of women tend to choose guys based on their looks, the kind of car he drives, how he dresses….ect lol which can sometime be deceiving, sometimes you have to sift through the rocks to find your diamond! lol even if it’s a chip. Maybe you try too hard, love will come you way, don’t be in a rush, Tip if your doing out on a date just to get to know the guy them you should pay your own way so you don’t feel obligated.

I hope this helps.

wow this new generation of men AND women have things totally wrong there are no more Romeo’s and the women give it up so easy….society has come to accept the crazy behavior that if i buy you dinner you gotta give me some…all i can say is hang in there im sure there are a few more good men out there…because you are a great woman and aany man that ends up with you is a very blessed man

Girl my man is nothing like that, he is so loving and kind. And we have the best dates ever. He was raised to treat all women with the same respect that he would show to his own mother.

I’m a southern gentleman, I always treat a woman with kindness and respect. I don’t expect nothing in return for taking someone out. Just a decent conversation. Show me you have brains.

Yes but you have to understand, respecting women gets you nothing. I do NOT respect women because I want them to like me, I do it because I know it’s the right thing to do. In all honesty, if I’m going to pick up a woman, I treat her badly. It works every time.

there are plenty of men that respect women. try not to invest too much time in a man that does not treat you well. you will find a guy that worships you, kisses the ground you walk on.

Yes. There are. I’m dating one of them. They’re few and far between, but they’re still out there.

Try holding yourself to higher standards, and don’t bother messing around with the dumb cheap guys. They’re a big waste of time for a whole lot of drama.

What an azz next time make them take u to Red Lobster get the
lobster dinner a Mai Tai and dessert then have him take you to the
movies and don’t even kiss him goodnight.

I always have, and always will respect women. It’s just unfortunate that it’s normal for all of you to be around jerks a whole lot. We start to look like a minority.

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