Durabilty TEST Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Toyota.?

Please watch this video before you answer…it will open your eyes.

Ford wins

Tundra Commercials

Let’s start with the one where they show it going down the ramp, through the doors, then stopping before it hits the edge. First of all, anybody could time those doors to close when their car just slips through. Second, anybody could make a ramp the right distance for the car to stop after going through the doors. I don’t see what they think that proves. It’s basically the same deal with the see-saw commercial, too. They also state that it’s the fastest 1/2 ton 0-60, and I thought, well what about the Ram SRT-10?

Now, let’s do the one where they show you their brake rotors next to another truck’s brake rotors. They’re comparing their’s to rotors from like a Ranger or something. So much for truth in advertising.

Now onto the Engine and Transmission Commercials. They may have the most torque of any 1/2 ton, but if you really need that much torque, you should get a heavy duty truck. Seriously. Nobody who drives a 1/2 ton uses their truck for anything that requires over 8,000lbs, realistically. And for the Transmission one, they say, “Certain 1/2 tons (Meaning the Silverado & Sierra) have a 4-speed auto, ours has a 6-speed.” Well, the GMT900s just got GM’s new 6-speed auto, which is reportedly better than Toyota’s.

are you trying to show that toyota’s are not reliable because this has nothing to do with reliablity.

and this was one simple test about the rear suspension. if you want to know more about the truck, you have to do more than going over speed bumps. sure it showed the toyota’s weakness, but realisticly, is anyone going to be doing that with their truck at those speeds?

I would say Toyota all around the best thats only one test and who drives over speed bumps daily anyways.

That’s one simple test. All of those trucks have their own strengths and weaknesses. Those tests have been around awhile.

these tests are too simple
ditto with the first answer

Hemifury, maybe this will open your eyes:


Toyota is the best!!! Done!

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