If Captain Kathrine Janeway was running for president would you vote for her ?

Do I get half your salary?

OK, I’m gonna be serious for once. Yes, I would. As I age and have the perspective of knowing Presidents from Nixon through today I see that the country tends to do well overall no matter who is running things. What I am really missing in the past 16 years is having someone in the job who has a lot of integrity, guts, and intelligence. Janeway has those qualities, so I will pull the level for her. Or push the button or whatever you kids do in those booths these days.

Janeway for pres and 7 of 9 for vice pres.
they have my vote ♥

Heck Yes I would! VOTE JOE JONAS 2008! I’ll help spread the word!

Honestly I don’t think she’s -QUALIFIED- for the Presidency!
Now, Seven of Nine! She’s OBVIOUSLY _-QUALIFIED-_!!


Vincent Reagan
“H A W K E Y E!”

No, but I’d do anything for 7 of 9!

Hmmmm no, and I wouldnt vote for Spock, or Zulu or anyone else from the Trekkie Chronicles….

I’d vote for my pink toilet seat over Captin Katherine

yes but i would like to vote for you

Maybe, if she got rid of that ghastly bubble ‘do. I couldn’t look at that for four years.

Yikes no – always suspected she was a serial killing nutty bloke as that voice was no woman.

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