Is paranormal activity real?

Is paranormal activity movies real? Are they a true story?

this has been asked a million times, and let me tell you, the STORY is fake, but things like that CAN happen

The actors aren’t real. They went on MTV and talked about filming it and stuff. I dont think the story is real either… Just look up they’re interviews with reporters and stuff and you’ll see

No, some may be based on events that did happen, but Hollywood tends to add to and subtract from, making them pretty silly in the end.

‘Paranormal’ things do exist but they can not interfere in our world unless they’re asked to.
In movies, they simply exaggerate the whole thing and create a false impression on the audience.

No its not real the director told some people that a house he/she lived in inspired the idea.

Its not even based on a true story.

No, the movie is made to try to make you think its real

its supposed to be based on a true story but i highly doubt that its real 🙂

no, if there was a spirit capable of pulling a person out of bed, you would be able to see it’s color (in this case the spirit would be black, and prob. even a demon, either that or very negative energy)

Not real.

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