What if I’ve fallen for a Mormon missionary?

I think I’m in love with a Mormon missionary. I know I can’t do anything about it not before he’s back home (which will be this fall), but I kind of get the feeling that he’s attracted to me too. I’ve never fallen for a missionary before, not even close! We’re always around each other and…

There is absolutely no way for us to know if a certain guy is attracted to you. We’ve never met him, we’ve never met you. I’m sorry.

I’d say the best thing to do is wait until he comes home, then invite him out to lunch or coffee as a friend to test the waters. If he seems attracted to you, he’ll probably take it from there.

This is the second ‘I’m in love with a Mormon Missionary’ thread today. It happens to these guys all the time. They don’t marry every girl they look at.

You’ve lost track of reality here, seriously.

He needs to keep his mind on his mission. Sure, he’ll probably meet some girls he’s attracted to, but this shouldn’t distract him from completing his work. I suggest you don’t flirt with him, touch him, anything that goes against mission rules.

But when he gets off his mission, maybe you could find him on Facebook and reconnect with him!

The missionaries are there to serve the Lord and those in your area. I think you should take this question to the Lord and ask Him what you should do. You will make the right choice, it will all work out don’t worry 🙂

He cannot date while on his mission. I think you should ask him if he will contact you when his mission is over. If he feels similar to you then he will do so and perhaps you will court for marriage.

Be careful don’t exit him or do something to get him sent home disgraced or disgrace yourself these boys a strong but they are still human, If there is something there it can wait.

if yo have never spoken to him about it you might consider asking him if he feels the way your getting his drift,explain or let him read your post so he might understand…God Bless and good luck

If you’re both Mormons I don’t see the problem.

call him after he goes home.
and ignore some of the anti- comments on here 😉 haha

He wants to get into your golden plates.

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