What if you were to mix Classical music with todays metal?

Classical music such as beetoven with today metal. Such as Slipknot, or korn or something.

Actually I have a few bands that tend to have alot of violin, piaono, trumpets and other instruments of the sort, Carach angren is a good example, they are black metal but was hoping for some more bands that are more,…

I think you’re misunderstanding what classical music is. Read the wiki article below, that may help. Classical music is not defined by its instruments. Pop, rock, metal, country, or whatever can be played by an orchestra just like classical music can. I know Metallica used an orchestra at one point in their performances, but that does not mean their music is a mix of classical and metal. It’s just metal being performed with orchestral instruments.

It’s very difficult to define what classical music is, and maybe another answerer can get on here and do a better job of it. But just because something is being played by a piano, a violin, a cello, a trumpet, or even a harpsichord does not mean it’s classical.

Now, if you’re referring to a modern band using quotations from a classical composers works, the answer remains the same. It would just be metal that incorporated a melody or harmony that a classical composer used, that’s all.

I’m pretty tired right now, so becoming totally immersed in fully answering your question isn’t quite an option. Are you asking for suggestions of music to look into? If so, look at these: Emilie Autumn (most original artist I’ve ever, ever seen or heard of. Her diversity and style is so incredibly strange) Hurt (they’re pretty hardcore, but their sound, the lead singer’s voice, and how they mix slow with fast, within songs and also separate, is beautiful!) Those are my suggestions for stuff to look into, little as it is. Also, try some Frank Sinatra! I don’t know why, but recently i’ve just loved his music! I’m 16, by the way. You make some excellent points about how originality is literally dying a painful death. Fortunately (and unfortunately), pop music seems to reign supreme over everyone, that and dubstep (i despise both), so a lot of good heavier stuff, or just good rock, especially classic rock and such, remain underground, for the most part. That’s the good thing! You can take pride in your taste in music! So basically I don’t know exactly what you’re asking, but i’ve answered this to the best of my current abilities! I may come back, edit this answer if you wish, or leave anything in the additional info. Otherwise, cheers, my friend!

I believe a nice blend of “orchestral” sounding style with rock may be found in groups like Delain, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica. Maybe symphonic metal would be closest to what you’re thinking, such as Epica. I could be missing the mark on these but they are as close as it goes in my opinion.

If someone were to really mix classical and metal as you say, I believe it would be interesting. When it happens, I’ll give it a listen because as a dj, I’m always looking for new music to entertain my listeners.

Of course there are a bunch of melodic bands out there like Within Temptation and stuff but I’m guessing you’re looking for something a little heavier. If that’s the case check out some of these.

Children of Bodom
Norther (maybe)
Sonic Syndicate

And If you don’t mind the female vocals check out:

After Forever
Leaves’ Eyes
Stream of Passion
Visions of Atlantis

Surprisingly, metal is actually based more off of classical music than any genre. In some metal songs, you can take away the distortion, heavy rhythm section, and vocals and it’ll sound a lot like a classical composition. For example:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QN3TtQnA… (A progressive/death metal song)

I cannot believe no one mentioned Dimmu Borgir. They are (very) symphonic black metal. Check out “The Insight and the Carthasis”, “Sympozium” and “Progenies of the Great Apocalypse”.

The classical music would corrode the metal.

I believe I’d have die before attempting that kind of musical mutilation.

… do you like pickles on your ice cream?

It would be like trying to weld two blocks of ice together…wouldn’t work.

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