Am I really worshipping the devil by being emo?

The other day I was talking to an old friend I haven’t seen in months and when I told her that I’m a emo girl she told her mom, she got mad and she said I worshipping the devil by being emo, listening to emo music and even painting my nails black! And after I heard that I was very concerned and scared….

How, hey dont have anyone ever tell you that please! Its an emo sterotype, just like cutting and always being depressed. Theres such a thing as christain emo, and christain emo rock.
And while some emos may be satinists, it dosnt mean all of them are. Saying that is like saying that all people that are thinking deeply are buddists.

And maybe you should talk to your friend about the whole thing, because alot of people dont understand what emo even is, tell her its about the style, and the music, and whatever else you personally beilive is emo.

And the music shouldnt affect you in a negitive way either, emo music just usally has alot of good meaning it in that you wont realize unless you listen really closly…(as long as its not something satanic like slipknot, or nevermore)

Your not going to hell for being emo, but some people do think emo is a little strange. Thats mostly because it not considered “normal” (there really is no such thing as normal though…)

Well, it is a matter of the heart. I do not know a whole lot about the emo subculture so bear with me. A lot of the messages in so-called “emo” music are not really compatible with the Christian faith. Dwelling on the negative, saying things like life does not matter, all these things are inconsistent with a message of joy and hope and eternal life.

So think about why you want to call yourself emo. Are you doing it because it is popular? Do you like the fashion? Do you like the music related to that style? Whatever the reason is, think of what that says about you and if that is compatible with your faith. If you’re wearing emo-style fashion, why? Are you trying to convey a message about yourself to people around you and to God? You ARE conveying a message, even if you don’t think about it. Your attitude and appearance, including your clothes, body language, and the music you listen to, say a lot to other people. They can’t get to know you in an instant, so they will use your behavior as a clue to your personality and beliefs.

So think to yourself about these things. Black nail polish is definitely not devil-worshipping, but think if the face you show the world is a face God would appreciate. Denying God in public and worshipping in private is a major problem for many Christians who want to have a “normal” life. God does not want to be second-best!

Anyway, good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for.

Ignore your friend and her mom. If you believe that God created everything, then he also created the music (all music), etc. If God did not create ALL music, then he is not all creating (like your religion states). So what is your belief? Either he created everything or not. I love people (like your friend and her mom) who state that God created EVERYTHING, but then not everything. They pick and choose what they think (please note that line “what they think”) God created and what the Devil created. However, not sure (if I believed in God – I’m an atheist FYI) that I would want to chance with an all powerful being to assume what he or she has created or not. I am fairly certain that they did not call God or receive an e-mail from him or fax, and since nobody throughout history has ever talked to God, why would you take anything that your friend or mom say as being anything but pure speculation.

Please do not take offense to this, but I really hate people like your friend and her mom because they project their likes and dislikes and their weaknesses and problems onto others by saying God likes or does not like based on their own personal thoughts. And the worst thing is that people listen to them. They are morons and those are the worst part of theism, because they think their thoughts and beliefs are better than anyone else’s and are so willing to tell you. As opposed to following their own religious teachings of respecting each other, they feel that they have the right to tell others how to think, feel, etc. Your friend and her mom should be beaten until they realize that other people can have other opinions, listen to other music and we all do not have to be mindless drones all listening to the same music and thinking the same way as they do.

So to end this answer, be yourself, do what you want as long as it is not hurting others, infringing on their rights, or hurting yourself. Do what you feel is right for you and live life. It is more of a sin not to live life than to express yourself and follow your heart. And do not worry about devil worshiping because some moron thinks that is the case. They also thought that was the way when Rock ‘n Roll music came around. And there are always those self-righteous idiots who label everything as worshiping the devil, but it is not as long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else. Take this for what it is, as I am an atheist and don’t believe there is a God or Devil (all invented by humans).

i’m emo and that i do no longer worship the devil. Kala is sturdy that’s rather stereotypical because of the fact no longer all “emo” young infants worship the devil. they are no longer even emo they’re theistic satanists. and definitely ouroboro that’s not young infants being stupid. that’s them definitely expressing themselves. no longer all emos slot in. they do no longer probable opt to hitch the youngsters who improve up listening to hint approximately *** and getting ******. some won’t even get exhilaration from the song. So emos do no longer worship the devil nor do they cut back which it is likewise stereotypical

From what little I know of it, “emo” does seem like a very depressing “style”. Talk about putting the “ugh” in ugly!!
“Emo” music…well, let’s just say that it doesn’t glorify God, does it?
So, maybe you aren’t actively worshiping the devil…at least, not with your knowledge and consent…
But I would have to say that, yes, Hun, you are “lukewarm”.

I know, I’m “old”…I am an original 60’s “Flower Child”…but I do have grandkids your age.
In fact, I have a grandson who is experimenting with “emo”. His mom (my daughter) has always given him freedom to express himself in his own way….but even she is becoming alarmed at the changes in him.
I think it’s a stage…and I hope he grows out of it SOON!!

Meantime, I’m praying for him….and for you, and for all the youngsters who are getting caught up in this depressing thing.

Don’t listen to tellers of superstitions, and make no big deal out of being a little emo. Besides, there is no such a thing as devil. Devil is a concept to illustrate the evil inclination in man.

1. You are buying into a crappy music style that is based on commercialism, selling out, and pretending to be alternative while playing crap and passing it off as rock. Go buy Zeppelins II album and listen to something real.
2. You are talking an alternative look by looking just like everyone else in the same genera, thus not being alternative.
3. But this doesn’t say anything about what you worship.

Grace & Peace unto U from God & Son Unlimited.

What the heck is emo?

Allegory for ‘d-evil’ in Bible is Law.
Law is both good + evil, ends Bad.

Five senses are given you to discern:
– if it sounds like Horeb-bull, and
– if it looks kinda fishy, and
– if it smells as pewy as dung, and
– if it tastes kinda bitter sweet, and
– if it feels like hell when swallowed
then it’s obviously law = good + evil.

Black is “darkness and not light”.
Hmmm, didn’t Amos 5:18 mention this.

Scared is ‘fearful’, which is a ‘fall’:
Galatians 5:4 … Hebrews 10:31
to where Christ is of “no effect”,
a fall from grace(above) to law(beneath).
Ye(do err) are of this world: “beneath”: John 8:23
I am not of this world; I am from “above”(“higher”).

Grace: I will never leave nor forsake you: Friend(Above).
Law: I will forget you & I will forsake you: Enmity(Beneath)
Christ(end of law) is our peace who abolished law(enmity).

Connect your biblical dots, grasshopper,
to perish evil thought, rather than to perish.

Which things are an “allegory” & “mystery” to solve,
by seek and ye shall find, find grace, in time, to help;
for the law both helps + hinders, but grace only helps.

“With all thy getting, get understanding” = “grace” glory.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

I don’t think being EMO makes you a devil worshiper. It just makes you a really lame loser. I hate EMO’s.

Nah, it’s cool. You’re just looking for your true identity. The “emo” fad will wear off, the real you will eventually come out and your life will be great. Really.

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