Are all egyptians today mixed with black ancestry?

Are all / most egyptians today mixed with black ancestry?

dont say “there are blacks in egypt” im not talking about them

There is little black ancestry

egyphile, and what were nubians? Black right?

@Me – whats hamitic? Have little black ! People have to know what hamitic means. Many Berbers don’t look European and many have little black ancestry.Nowhere near blacks? You remember north, west and east, but you forgot south – Sudan. I wonder why you forget
Sudan is attached to Egypt. How is it far????????
You sound like racist and not smart.

No. the most common mix is people with Turkish and Hamitic(native Egyptian), after that it is Hamitic and Arab.

By mix though I mean someone might have had a Turkish grandmother or grandfather or a native egyptian back in the day married an Arab who settled in Egypt.

There are not many Blacks here to mix with anyways. We have Libya to the west which is Arabs and Berbers. Arabs have there look and Berbers usualy look European. South you have Sudan but they are far away from where most people live since Egypt is mostly desert. North is the ocean and East is Israel . So no where near Blacks.

Yes. The Ancient Egyptians and also the Modern Egyptians are Black African Nubians. The Native Egyptians are Black just like the man said.

yes not all of egyptians but there is nubia
and it is not like a shame or something to be mixed with black ancestry like some ppl who answered your Q
it is not offending at all
we are all human
and nowadays ppl get married from different cultures and countries
even if i prefer to marry an egyptian but that doesn’t mean that i must object others just because they are different.

There is nubia
I have aunt who is married to a sudanese
so part of my cousins are typically from Sudan

Of course not!! Egyptians have been inter-marrying with foreigners for more than 7,000 years. They carry the blood of Greeks, Romans, Persians, Jews, Britons, Americans, Syrians, Albanians, Nubians, Phillipinos and, indeed, almost any racial or religious group under the sun. Remember, Egypt has always been the bridge between Africa, Europe and Asia.

These who have black ancestry are called “Nubians” and live in the southern parts
if you did not know :

some of them are, mostly upper egyptians though, mixed with nubians etc.

lower egyptians are usually caucasoid or semitic, but obviously there is always a high amount of black admixture in any African country

edit – i love how people get offended when anyone suggests they have black blood lol

No they aren’t. The southerners are the blacks only. Egypt has a lot of white people.


edit- why 3 thumb down? egyptian people have little mix with black.

no of course no because it’s rare in egypt normal is white , wheaten

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