Brother and sister in law living with us and i HATE them…….?

They are really horrible people and love to tell lies and start arguments, she has especially been horrible since having a child last month. They live with us and my parents are afraid of my brother (he hangs out with a rough crowd and we think he is doing drugs) so they are afraid of him, and my dad tried to make…

U could get legal help, I heard it worked for one family , their 40 yrs old son wouldn’t leave the house , gt the legal team in and kicked the guy out

There are a lot of parents out there who just can’t throw their own child out of their own home.. rather scared or not.. It’s all out of love.. It’s sad that your brother and sister in law are causing issues.. Your parents should stand up to him and let him know.. “hey we let you move in our home because you had no where to go and your our son but you are not the man of this house, so don’t run it like you are. if you want to be the man of a house, then you need to get your own!” Your brother and the sister in law are going to have to learn one way or another that they are now adults and mommy and daddy wont always be around, so they need to grow up, get decent jobs and get their own place. If nothing seems to work, see if your parents can find a low income homes and show them that their are homes out there that they can live in instead of having to live off of them. Your parents are gonna have to stand up to them! Parents should never be afraid of their children, it should be the other way around! Since your parents are afraid of him and he sees that, he is going to keep walking on them until they put their foot down.. Rather son or not, rather blood or not.. you can’t just let people run your own life!! Good Luck hon..

Assuming the house is in your parents’ names and your brother is over 18, he can’t stay if they don’t want him to. Once he turns 18 he’s an adult and your parents are no longer legally obligated to care for him or provide him with a place to live. If he won’t leave they can always call the police and have them come and remove him.

As the owner of the house, your dad needs to hand them a 30 day eviction notice. If they aren’t out in 30 days, he can get a court order to have them removed. It really is just that simple.

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