Can I get free Grills with O’bama’s health plan?

I need new “Grills” [Silver caps for my teeth] mine are getting rusty can i get new ones under O’bama’s health plan?

And 40’s!

did you read the section of his plan from obamas website, he changed it again. It now states that small business’s MUST give insurance to its employees and the government will reimburse them 25% of what they pay for each employee. If a small business does NOT provide health care for its employees, then they shall be fined the first time and their business lisence will be removed the second time. This is for business’s with 1 to 100 employees. This is from his website. Now, I have a small business of 33 employees. With the costs of everything skyrocketing and fuel being the biggest consumable of my business, My employees already make more than I do in 1 year. This health plan will take me out of the ball game. 33 employees will be standing in the unemployment office over this one, let alone his tax increase to me. I do NOT take kindly to being “forced” into something I cant afford. I find this disgusting and just another form of getting rid of the middle class in America which is what obamas church preaches about. Goto their website and see item 4 where it states fully the purpose of their church and views is to dismantle the middle class in america.

Lol, grills. Those things the black rappers get. Because Obama’s black, right? Oh, you neocons and your sly racist humor.

But, no. No grills. What you get with Obama’s health plan is health care. It’s in contrast to McCain’s, where you get the shaft, which you pay mostly out of pocket for.

if your caps are medical, as in your teeth are decaying or chipped underneath, you might be able to get new caps. it is important that you consider how he will enact his plan, it will not be immediate. if I were you, I’d stop by a dental clinic, I have never ever heard of rusting caps and you may already qualify for replacements or a discount. good luck

Hmm I don’t know. Does that mean I can use your tax money to get my boobs done and some body art?

Ignorance and spite all in one package – wow. I bet you just have to beat the women off you with a stick.

most health plans doesn’t cover cosmetics surgurgy. Save up from new ones.

Why do you do this? does it make you feel good inside to generalize like this. you might as well have asked does anyone want any chicken.

well i hope it makes you feel good when he is elected as your new leader

Sure. You can wear them next time you host a lynchin’.

SON OF BUSH .no but you can get free gas with McCain

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