Can you believe Obamas president?

Do you think he will be a good president? Just wondering peoples opinion.

thank u GOD…I’m overwelmed…being a black woman I’m celebrating and blessed that my mom who is celebrating her 57th birthday today nov. 5th got to witness for herself the first african american president. This is a emotional moment for us …times are changing!

Oh incredibly? Do you incredibly think of he had administration over that? With all the subject concerns he inherited from the Village fool? What enhance into he meant to do? Snap his hands and magically it could have stopped? Be sensible! Scientists won’t be able to even be certain the thank you to stop it! and additionally you think of a President has that skill? My opinion is that as quickly as the rig enhance into being outfitted they had issues which BP KNEW! They proceeded besides! The Minerals administration provider (MMS), the subcontractor Halliburton and BP ought to all be investigated. and additionally you need to understand that Obama won’t shoot his mouth off without understanding precisely what he’s speaking approximately! he isn’t an fool! evaluate too that the final administration enhance into 2 oilmen…who doled out company welfare on the fee of the american people. and persons whine approximately no jobs…the place have been they while Bush did this: Bush rfile: Sending jobs foreign places facilitates U.S. Bush ran this united states of america into the floor and destroyed our popularity international…and now he’s in charge for this?

I would think he will be a good president, but because of the fact that he is elite funded and part of the skull and bones group just like president bush, i doubt things will truly get better to be honest.

hes going to be an excellent president. God blessed this man for a reason. Enjoy it

Cant wait for him to turn this country bak to its original state!!!!!!

Theres a 50/50 chance, either he makes the country better or worser the answer is gonna come


i love listening to people regurgitate everything he has told them. Like ALL polititians…he told you what you wanted to hear, got in office…and now…he going to do nothing.

Hold on, I take that back. He will raise our taxes.

Yes because he will help the poor and the economy and that is what we need in this horrible time when we are dealing with this horrible economy…..

I’m excited for him, I think he’ll try hard to do well. Even under all the scrutiny.


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