Could my husband have unblocked his ex mistress on Facebook cos he misses her OR cos he cares so little now?

I asked this yesterday…

It’s about my husband unblocking his ex mistress on Facebook. They were together over 1 year until I caught him, and then he tried to go back to her. She said no, then she got a new man in May, tried to be friends with my hub, and then HE…

I disagree that he is SO over her it does not matter. They had an intense relationship for a year or more, until you caught him cheating. Then he tried to get back with her…..did you really say that. If it were me, I would be highly suspicious, because you also said he had to walk through steps to unblock her, so he was consciously thinking of her. If he was SO over her, he would not have taken the effort. Sorry, I still say if something has not happened it soon will.

Two months is NOTHING. He is still interested in her and is openly jealous of her new man. I think it’s a slap in your face that he Unblocked her. (Not that she’s interested.)

I would definately block her again. Does he check his Facebook often? You could also put things like “Taking my gorgeous wife, who is more than I deserve, out to a romantic dinner” in the What Are You Doing Now section for a few months before you block her.

And post tons of pictures of you and your husband having a blast.

I don’t know though if I personally could keep all this up. Good luck!

Why does he have an ex mistress? Obviously he cheated and you forgave him. Why don’t you go and block her on his space, and then if he questions why you did that, you just smile and say why do you ask?. Or, you can wait until he begins conversations with her again before you question, then you will know. You can also be honest and open with him about what you found, and that you would appreciate it if he would take her off, and that because of his previous actions you want to put this stuff behind you and move on.

You my love are going to drive yourself mad with all this, if he has unblocked her he has done it for a reason. He is not over her and he is just waiting for her to contract him, if he waits that long I bet he will try to contact her before long if he hasn’t already. Why O Why are you putting yourself through this all the while, you are just waiting for it to happen again aren’t you. I feel very sorry for you, you should have thrown him out of your home and be done with it all. Self respect is an important thing and the sooner you get some the better, he doesn’t want you does he? that’s why he has unblocked her he is just waiting to break your heart again

First: I couldn’t reach your link so I didn’t read your previous question.

Second: The ex-mistress’ new man doesn’t have anything to do with him being over her. You can yearn for loved ones for months, if not years even if they have new partners. If he doesn’t care one bit about her, he wouldn’t bother unblocking her. That’s wishful thinking on your part. If he didn’t care one bit he wouldn’t give her a second thought.

Third: you say he gets easily distracted. What lousy excuse is that? “Oh hunny I’m sorry, I forgot I was married to you, I suddenly fell in love with this other woman” ???? This man is responsible for all his deeds. You need a reality check. To me it seems he is still hoping for her to become available again. I wonder what you mean to him, compared to her. I would ask him, if I were you.

Wow. Here are some questions for you…what’s wrong with YOU. You talk about your husband and this woman’s affair as if you are detached from it. As if you are discussing a friend’s problem or soap opera. You sound as if you are “okay” with it, however it turns out. You say…”could it be the he’s so over that he doesn’t care to have her blocked”. Why are you leaving YOUR marriage up to whether or not this woman contacts your husband to start affair number TWO. You have some pretty low self-esteem. Wow. I’ve never seen anyone talk about a cheating husband in such a blase manner before. Wow.

Your gut instinct is telling you the right answer really, he is waiting for her to contact him, and hes making it easy – has he heard from someone who knows her? He may have heard shes not with this fella anymore.
I think you really need to ask yourself if your relationship can survive another hit if she does and if you decide it cant you will have to tell him to block her or just go online and do it behind his back – see if he notices or takes it off.
Good luck and stay strong xx

If my husband had an affair there would be no way I would consent to him using a social networking site in the future.

It sounds to me as if he’s waiting for her to get in touch with him hun. Can you really, truly trust him not to get in touch with her. Take time out for yourself, hun, or you’re going to get hurt. Remember, you’re the innocent one in this, look after yourself. Good luck hun.

He’s desperate to find out what she’s up to and hopes that she will contact him. Sorry hun.

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