Do christians understand why jews think that jesus is a false prophet?

I dont know the jews’ side btw… please explain if you can.

Yes, many of us do.
Our Jewish brothers believe in One G-d, not three. They think that we Christians have three g-ds and so our faith is idolatry.
The Messiah they were looking for (and still are) did fit the Jesus image so they still look.
BTW, “messiah” and “Christ” are just English translations from Hebrew and Greek, respectively, of the same word.

There have been many people who Jews thought were the messiah, but when the man died without fullfilling the prophesies they knew he was not the guy. There have been exceptions. The followers just couldn’t get over the idea that they had believed for so long, so there are other instances where the followers have believed the guy returned as a spirit. So the Jesus story is not unique there. It seems this is a common reaction when hopes are dashed. But they all eventually got over it and realized the messiah had not come.

Except in one case. Paul would not give up on the idea. He had gone around preaching and it had become his job. He loved the attention he got. It seems he was a very talented speaker and gentiles did not know the correct prophesies. Paul lied. Just like lots of TV preachers. But people liked to try out new religions and they liked Christianity.

The Jews were expecting a leader. Why? Because that’s what the prophesies say.

generally they dont get it,

and as bryan said…. the Jewish “side” is simply the empirical fact that jesus did NOT fulfill the prophecys.

he just didnt do the job.

christians generally believe in a second coming. ….. this concept is a work around to the fact that Jesus left most of the prophecys undone.

what christians generally see jesus to be, does not describe the messiah of judaism.

edit: none have yet. if they had then the world would be a very different place!

the messiah will. …. but the Messiah of Judaism isnt gods son or anything… just a guy with a special role.

I am a follower of Christ, but I believe some of those in the Jewish faith don’t believe in or follow the Christ because they didn’t recognize Him when He came.

The Jews wanted to see ‘King David’ so-to-speak. A man draped in fine clothes and crowned with jewels coming to their rescue.

They wanted and expected an ‘earthly’ leader to over throw their enemies and set up a human kingdom that they would participate in ruling.

But, Jesus came as a servant, washing feet and teaching of an unseen Spiritual Kingdom overseen by the meek instead of the earthly greats.

He didn’t wear expensive garments laded in purple and rare gems and stones. In fact He didn’t have a home or any clothes expect the ones He wore.

He taught it is better for our souls if we turn the other cheek when wronged by another, instead of giving back what was given to us.

He seemed to go against what they were taught by Moses, they couldn’t see that Jesus was not changing the Law, but fulfilling it.

Now, some of the Jewish Sects still believe that the Messiah hasn’t come and the many OT prophecies haven’t been fulfilled as of yet.

Sadly, they are missing out on the most miraculous prophecy of the OT, that Jesus has come and offered all of us the opportunity to be saved.

May God Bless them to see the light before it becomes too late.

Most Jewish people just go by what they have been told, and do not investigate for themselves. They would be wise to read the New Testament and books that list the fulfilled prophecies such as Isaiah 53, Isaiah 9:6-7, Micah 5:2.

No, because of the fact in case you worship Jesus (spelled with the two a J or a Y), you switched G-ds. Your god is a human sacrifice. Idolatry is a deal breaker in Judaism. the same section in Deuteronomy that announces do no longer worship statues or animals says do no longer worship human beings – lifeless or alive. Christianity is hence a separate faith. So the version is that Christians do properly known a non-Kosher messiah, no longer that we don’t. ingredient of correction: there is not any “old” testomony in Judiasm. there is Holy Scripture, the Torah, Prophets and Writings (Tanach). Christians have re-written and further to those Scriptures to in good shape their purposes, known because it old and further a clean ex-cement with a number of slurs aimed in the direction of Jews. Their New Addition negates Torah. that’s a good occasion of ways “greater” isn’t everywhere close to greater desirable.

From what i know…the Jews were expecting the messiah…they were expecting the likes of Moses…a King..a powerful person….a strong person who will make all else bow down..

but they got Jesus..who was a carpenter’s son…he did not fit the profile they were looking for….an anticlimax for the Jews..

remember the questions they ask John the baptist..?? remember the questions they ask Jesus……it shows they expected the coming of the messiah..but they dont want to accept Jesus..



No they don’t (on the whole).

There’s no reason to think that he was the messiah. He didn’t do the things that a messiah should do, there’s no thirds temple for example.

He also said that it wasn’t necessary to follow the rules Judaism anymore, which was specifically against what God said. There’s a start.

The Jews are right. he was a false prophet, just like all the rest were.

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