Hey guys whats your opinion? Help cause I’m Kinda confused!?

A guy I like got my number last friday. We have texted every night, except for one. He is normally the one who texts me. Tuesday night we texted from 11:30 until like 3:30. And we both had to go to school wendsday & only got 3 hours of sleep. Then Saturday(2 nights ago) he texted me at 2:30 in the morning and he…

sounds like he is trying to be involved with two girls it is not wrong to be friends but if he is with another girl don’t let it be anymore than friends then you won’t get hurt good luck

Get a grip earlier you have a meltdown. in case you cracked open a history e book, you’re able to understand that the failings you’re ranting on approximately now are the very comparable issues nativists as quickly as stated approximately immigrants from eire, Italy, Polant, etc. us of a of america is a land of immigrants.

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