How do I deal with my sexually inappropriate father-in-law?

My husband and I have been married for five years and in that time his dad has said things that really make me uncomfortable. (ex: your **** look nice today. you really fill out those jeans.) I can always feel him watching me. He only lives five minutes away, so he is always dropping by unexpectedly. If the…

Listen, you put him in his place not your husband. It sounds like, ” I think thy dost protest too much.” I know what your going through. My dad knocked up my ex. My son is now my brother. Put him in his place.

Your husband needs to wake up and smell the coffee. His father should not be making moves on you, looking at you in a sexual manner, or anything like that. Get your husband to tell his father to stay away from you. If that doesn’t work, change your locks and do it quick cause if you don’t, one of these days he’s gonna let himself into something more private of yours.

This is very serious. This man could be a sexual molester or something. If this should progress, get a restraining order and/or press charges for sexual harrassment.

This guy is a super creep. If you have access to a video camera, set it up if you know he is coming over. Then anything he says or does can be played back for your husband to see. You must convince your husband to have his father relinquish his key. He has no business opening your door while you are there even though he does have a key. As long as you record him in your own home you are perfectly justified. What scares me is you do not know how far this guy will go, and I worry for your safety. Sit down with your husband ASAP to straighten this out. You should not have to live in fear or have your privacy invaded. Take good care and God bless you.

You need to tell your husband that you only want his Dad around when he is there. No exceptions! You need to tell him again how you feel and that ignoring it is not the answer. You have a right to feel safe!

You need to change the lock on the door or add an additional lock to the door. His father should only be there when your husband is there! This should not be negotiable!

Good Luck!

You go to your husband and tell him exactly what has been going on and how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Then you tell him that he needs to tell his Dad to stop or you both will tell your Mother-in-law. Otherwise, I don’t know, but this is what “I” would do. I’m surprised you put up with this for so long.
Just remember, NEVER feel bad about exposing someone who makes you uncomfortable, okay? Oh yeah, and get that damned key back!


1. Get your locks changed.
2. Set rules
a. Dad, I would really appreciate you calling before you
come over.
b. Dad, please ring the doorbell.
4. Tell your husband one more time this tiime with an ultimatum. Either get YOUR father under control or he is not welcome and you will be next.


Tough one if your husband is afraid to stand up to his dad.
Go down to the hardware store and change the lock yourself. The only thing I can think of would be a restraining order. Maybe the threat of one would be enough for your husband to understand the seriousness of this.

Your husband needs to grow some balls and tell his dad that this kind of thing will not be tolerated. Your husband should give his dad an ultimatum….either this stops today or he (dad) won’t be seeing the family anymore!

Give him a hard kick in the groin and let him know what you really think about all of this. If your husband complains about what you did, tell him you went to him for help which he refused to give you so you took care of it yourself.

If i were you i would completely ignore the weirdo he obviously has no self morals and if he don’t leave you alone just tell him straight out how you feel and also tell your husband that you just don’t feel right around him

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