I need help with my car audio setup?

Hey guys
I have a current amp running 4 speakers 4 channel Jvc amp to my head unit 800w
Now im wanting to run a second amp ( mono ) which is MRX-M110 for my Alpine SWR – 12D2 ( subbwoofer )
Can you please tell me what ill need for this ive already figured 0gauge wires for the setup and i have a 200amp…

The amperage of the fuse will be listed on the back of the hardware../
I have not heard of a 200-amp fuse../
If you sub-woofer is a quality piece of hardware–it will just cut-out should your power supply..NOT be sufficient..
I’ve had a problem with a 30-amp 12-volt battery and powering a 60-watt subwoofer../

That about all’s I can suggest.

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