If Gas Prices Keep Rising How Many More Jobs Will Be Lost?

Since the Majority Congress is against any drilling where we know we have MORE OIL THAN THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST right here in the good ole USA! And Obama is against all energy too. The demand for fuel is rising all over the world it will keep going up!
People are losing jobs cause we even us oil to make food…

McCain 08!

Jobs have been leaving the US for quite a long time, since the Clinton gave us NAFTA that started the movement….If Obama gets elected we will see a flood of good jobs leave this country as the American owned factories close and move out of the country, they know they can increase their profit margin and still sell their product here in the states because we need the product to survive and Obama sure as he77 could care less if we become a country that is under third world status…

you have asked so many questions it borders on a rant. That said, you make several statments that are factually incorrect, then draw conclusions based on these incorrect facts, so, really, your whole tirade is inaccurate. However, searching for alternative energy sources is what obama will do. And the alternatitive energy sector will produce many many more jobs than those lost to big oil. Every sane person knows drilling for oil in alaska and off our shores will not bring the cost of gas down. Unfortunately, i don’t believe you are capable of hearing any opinion other than the one you already have–just like a bushie.

A lot, but then there’s a lot more to it than this. We lost jobs when other presidents sold us down the river. I am talking all the outsourcing to other countries, NAFTA and similar. Even some branches of the unemployment government offices are using phone answerers who are in India and other countries. How much sense does that make when the unemployment offices are supposed to be using our tax dollars to help find people jobs?

The rising gas problems just adds to the other problems our government is causing instead of solving.

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