Is Barak Hussein Obama just playing the “campaign game” like everyone else always has?

Other than the fact the man has dark skin, he has done absolutly nothing differant than any other presidential candidate in recent history. Every predisential candidate since JFK has run their initial campaign saying the word “Change.” “It’s time for a change…” “We need real…

It certainly seems that way. When you listen to his proposals, he just exploits the fact that too many people wait for someone else to solve their problems.
Here’s what voters need to ask:
Do government workers really know what I need?
Do they really care about me?
If they can help me, should they?
Will their help make me dependent and weak?
Is is fair that we penalize the successful people with high taxes? The fact that they are wealthy proves that they have already given to the community. Punishing leaders and achievers with high taxes is literally insane and it will eventually wreck our country. It is petty to want to punish with high taxes those who are more accomplished than yourself.

Let’s face it… people are often wealthier than others because they are better than others. (Harsh but true.) We all should have equal rights but do we all have equal value to society? Maybe if you’re living in a dream world.
You have to be a realist before you can be an optimist and it is unrealistic to expect the government (especially at the Federal level) to solve all of our problems. The waste, redundancy, fraud, and theft involved should anger all of us.
Obama would make a great motivational speaker. You might hire him to a be a sales manager but I can’t imagine him as a CEO. The President is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the U.S.A.
He may have great intentions but will his plans work? If your plans don’t work your good intentions mean nothing. If a nurse intends to save a patient’s life with an untested drug and the patient dies, she can still be tried for murder or manslaughter even if she “intended” to help ther charge.
Jerry Lund, a former talk show host, summed it up when he answered a caller who asked, “Who benefits most from government programs?”
His obvious answer was, “The people who run them.”
The welfare state and high taxes are great for politicians and Civil Service workers but for those of us in the private sector who actually have to produce, they are often a curse.
The more money that you let people keep from their paychecks, the more they have to spend, save, or invest, all of which strengthen the economy.
One of my favorite expressions from fiscal conservatives is, THE BEST SOCIAL PROGRAM IS A JOB. Nothing teaches you about work, the economy, and people more than a private sector job.
Yes, Obama is just another politician who happens to be a charismatic speaker with terrible ideas which exploit self-pity and envy of the comfortable,the accomplished, and the capable.
I will never miss another opportunity to vote but I understand those who don’t bother. The boasting, the lies, the cliches – it’s easy to be repulsed by political campaigning.

In an attempt to destabilize the region he says he will over a period of six to eight months slowly remove more troops until they are all out. And as for the economy, well, to be truthful who has any idea what to do in this situation? I mean, seriously, think about it. So, you’re saying you’re better than Obama? Well, what would your plan be for the economy? What would your plan be for change? I believe that the change he propagates is the kind where he will change the system so it is united again instead of having Republicans against Democrats and vice versa so we can actually have things run smoothly. He wants to change foreign policy so we run more smoothly internationally. It’s about efficiency, creating jobs, ending pointless wars, etc. And sure, there are probably a lot of those promises that won’t be kept, but the point is that he makes the people think, he inspires, and how the hell do you expect to get any of those things done if you don’t try? I feel he is more likely to keep his promises because he is honest, whether he used marijuana in his past or not, and I am certain he would get more done than any other candidate. And his campaign slogan has changed (but wait, I thought he couldn’t change anything) and now it is “Yes, We Can!” Well, that is confidence, encouragement, and a hope that we will reach our goals. The other candidates don’t talk about goals of the people, they talk about goals of the rich minorities.

ABSOLUTELY! Have you noticed how he tries to emulate, Dr. King and President Kennedy. He has no substance of his own. Yes he is a good speaker, but does that mean he will be a good president? He is a man of rhetoric and dreams, no substance. He has also used the race card! Sad but he is only 1/2 black.

I don’t think he can do anything for our country. Granted, he is a smart person but President??? That’s a bit of a stretch. My big thing against him is his lack of foreign policy experience. It is really important right now and he just has NO experience. I also am a Rep. so disagree with his stand on the war and alot of things he says.



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