Is it no surprise that the leading advocate of the public option is former Socialist Party senator Sanders?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has added his name to a letter from a group of progressive Senators, calling for the public option to be included in the health care bill through the reconciliation process.
Sanders worked as a carpenter after he moved to Vermont and made his first run for political office in 1972, when…

I guess he has no idea, California is about to collapse.

While Obama runs $1.6 trillion dollar a year deficits or 60% more then we earn in tax revenue per year.

And this will add another trillion to the bill.

These people are out of control. Currency collapse…is next.

‘…the leading advocate…..’? Sanders is one of a dozen other US Senators who put their name to this, so what? And Sanders freely admits he is Democratic Socialist, again so what. The man has some very good ideas. Ever listen to him?

Thats right and he is from a heavily conservative area in VT and sticks up for gun rights. Sanders is even working with Ron Paul on holding the Non-Federal No-reserve Corporation accountable.

He added his name to a list. A list with dozens of other senators. How does that make him the single “leading advocate”?

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