My 14 year old sister is dating a 19 year old??????????? 10 points?

Im a 16 year old guy and im worried about my 14 year old sister!!
a couple of weeks ago she told me she had a boyfriend, she seemed happy so i was happy for her if she was. She never gave me any details about this mystery boyfriend of hers, such as name, age etc! our mom and dad dont even know about this…. which…

If they have sex be will go to jail and there’s the possibility he could get her pregnant. You HAVE to tell your parents. Personally I would wanna know if that was my kid.

I’m just going to be brutally honest with you so i hope you can handle it lol the only reason a 19 year old would get with a 14 year is probably for the lack of use of the girls vagina so yeah… He is using her for her body because there is nothing a 14 year old can offer a 19 year old relationship wise. Also im rather sure that if this 19 year old has had sex with the 14 year old he can face some real time for pedophile acts, ever hear of Chris Hansen? If not YouTube him…Tell your sister to cut away from him because he’s only using her and if she continues to go out with him tell your parents or you could find yourself with a pregnant 14 year old and a pedophile.

Ok the first thing you need to do is talk to your sister. Like start off by asking how she’s doing and stuff then ask how are you and your boyfriend doing? And then ask what his name is and if he goes to the same school as her and stuff and when she gives you the answer tell her that it’s illegal and that she needs to make the right decision and stop dating him. Because if they have sex he will go to prison for rape and sexual harassment. It’s officially your job to do something about it! And I’m 16 and have a 14 year old brother so I know what to do!! Hope everything turns out ok!!!

Hell yeah it’s illegal last time I checked adults aren’t saposed to date kids.tell your sister the Guy’s past and if she doesn’t break it off your gonna tell your parents and then most likely the parents are going to get the law involde and it’s gonna get ulgey.I don’t know of your sister watches Pretty Little Liars but you and her watch the first episode of the winter premier where Aria tells her parents she’s dating her ex teacher,sooner or later your sister will be the point of that episode. And how that scenario is alot like own real life one. And perhaps she’ll get the massage with out you saying a word and comes to her senses and breaks up with the boy,if not you need to tell your parents and if you come to her first remember if she said she going to break up with him just like that…she really isn’t she’s most likely going to sneak around. Older guys have away of being perceive and getting what they want especially if the girl is foolishly in love and all she can see is love,and can’t see right from wrong…. good luck trust me you need it!!!!

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it’s not illegal unless he has sex with her. you should tell your parents. my cousin went out with an older guy but at 14 and with a 19 year old is bad news. i’m 14 and i know girls who’ve lost thier virginity to guys that age. telling your parents is the only way.gudluck

yeah you need to tell your parents

she is already going down the wrong path

i have never to this date in my life met a “Good girl” who dates a guy +4 years older while she is what a freshman? let alone a guy who gets kicked out of school for drugs.

ridiculous and a naive girl (no offense) but its true.

yes thats illegal the legal ages is 16 and shes 14 i would just go straight to yr parents because he could be a really bad inflence to her he aslo could be using her for sex so tell yr parents froget about taslking to her i was 14 and i wouldnt listen trust me i would just get angry so its better for yr parent to know because there the ones that can stop her from dating him
goodluck but i would do something about it becasue your her older brother looking after her

I suggest getting a new sister. As long as you kept your receipt you can trade her in since she is 14 and her warranty isn’t up for another four years. When you take her in and they ask what’s wrong, tell them your having problems with general sluttiness, and they’ll compensate you with a model of equal or lesser value, or possibly store credit.

The best way is tell your parents! I’m worried too she’s too young for that 19 guy!

Inform the parents cause that’s just… But it’s legal unless they had sex

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