My pc is laging so badly in games how to fix a bad pc or laptop????

Without telling us what kind of computer you have (processor, ram, graphics card) how do you expect us to help you at all?

Reset the PC completely.

Download Driver Booster.

Get your MSI sorted out.

Check your internet connection and be sure you’re getting what you’ve paid for and that it’s suitable for the games you want.

I don’t recommend using a laptop for gaming. Use a desktop with fans, they’re far superior. They do not compare.

Make sure any NVIDIA drivers are fully up to date and you close ALL background applications especially torrents, the apps that games load from, other games, YouTube or streaming and you use an Ethernet as opposed to WiFi

If it’s a laptop you can’t upgrade it except ram (depends on laptop), so new laptop or Desktop upgrade the graphics card, usually it’s the graphics card or you might have low ram if not CPU, if you have a desktop and CPU, Gpu and ram are outdated I recommend you buy a “upgrade pack in which you can get a CPU, motherboard, ram and sometimes a GPU

Its either memory problem or graphics card.

simple buy a new one

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