Should i get with the mercedes C300 or the Infiniti G35 coupe?

Which car look hotter for a 17yrs girl?

You’re better off buying an Infiniti G35 coupe.

It’s not something you get to see everyday but Nothing looks hotter than a 17 year old girl in a Mercedes C300.

If you HAD to get one or the other, I would suggest C300 – easier to handle and drive than the G35. Honestly, for a newer driver, I would suggest a less powerful car altogether … a honda accord coupe or a miata MX-5 would be much better and also be ” hot” for a 17 year- old girl ..

You need to be driving a Honda, or Toyota. No 17 year old deserves a new Mercedes or Infiniti. Anyone agree?
Can I get a Amen?

G37 Coupe…if you wait till November they are coming out with a Convertible. The service on Infiniti’s is best in class…and the tech in them exceeds all other cars.

Read the FSM of each and decide for yourself.

You might have to become a little more intimate than you want with your Mercedes to keep it on the road.

Read up on the online boards, aware taht you will see mostly problems, but also some praise.

Merc c300

Usually a good fit would be the 300 and make it red.

get a Honda. no child should get a car like one of those. you’re just going to total it.

no you got her but line them up anyway drag racing is fun

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