Should immigrants that are trying to obtain US citizenship be required to learn English?

Ok so they want to be US citizens so should they learn the language at least? Or should we play this by the letter of the law and say no, since the US does not have an official language?

This country was created and made great by immigration. Being the melting pot of the world, people from all over the world came here to the land of opportunity with their own languages, customs, and cultures. So I’m wondering when did English become the official language? It’ is my belief that a universal language needs to be created so that no matter where you go, where ever your from, communication will never be a problem. If a such a language was created, that language should be inforced.

Yes!!! They should be required to learn the language. If immigrants chose not to learn the language then the whole nation will be screwed. All Americans would not and could not be able to talk or communicate with one another. No official language or not almost “all” Americans should speak English for that it is the language our founding fathers spoke, the language the constitution is written in, and is our dollars, etc… So in conclusion, YES ALL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD LEARN ENGLISH!!!!!!!

They are supposed to and basic English is a requirement for citizenship. It behooves people to move here to learn English because business is conducted in English and to get ahead English is a must. My wife is from Russia and speaks fluent English before she got here! People who insist on speaking their native language will never get ahead and stay in relative poverty genera ion after generation. Being Bilingual is great but most immigrants did the damnedest to learn English when they got here and became Americans not German-Americans or where ever they were from. They embraced America and left behind the old county unlike the illegals of today.

In order to even become a United States citizen, you must complete a test in English. This means you are proficient enough in English to at least get by. The main problem is that many immigrants feel “national pride” from the third world country they left in order for a better life.

It’s quite perplexing and until we can develop some nationalism for all of America’s inhabitants (or completely cut off immigration), it more than likely won’t end.

Absolutely. Do you think that if I went to Mexico that legal documents would be translated into English for me. Do you think they would bend over backwards to make street signs and advertisements in English. Nope. It happens now in tourist areas for the yankee dollar but get out of those areas and it is Spanish all the way. I don’t mean to pick only on Mexico because it is that way everywhere except here.

I heard a flap about $10,000 being too much for the illegals to have to pay to stay here. Of course that is not too much to pay a coyote to get them across the border is it? Health care costs and other such costs borne by tax paying citizens has to come from somewhere. So why not $10,000. Maybe it would be like bail. They are loaned the money so they can pay the federales and then pay it back from their job picking fruit or whatever.

English is the official language of the US. It’s the one language most other countries are made to learn as a second language.

Yes, all new citizens should have to KNOW English not just learn but have a mastery of it.

I think they should learn english because it shows a lack of respect for the country when you have lived here 5 years (they length of time you must be in the US before you can apply for citizenship) and still don’t know the language. If i moved to japan for example and i didnt speak japanese after 5 years of living there, i would be seriously too embarrassed to ask for citizenship.

Not only should they learn English but we should stop printing everything in foreign languages. The language in this country has been English for 2 centuries. Lets keep it that way.

My answer to this is a resounding YES! That is the language that is predominant in this country and it would be easier for those who want to live here to learn it. Easier for them as far as jobs, communication, and just fitting in and being accepted. There is nothing I hate more (here in America) than getting a phone call from a tele-marketer who has such a heavy accent and a poor understanding of our language. I wonder sometimes what companies hire these people to try and communicate with me about a product they want to sell. I end up hanging up the phone…why bother if I can’t understand them.

Actually there is no legal official language of the USA. English is the most widely spoken, but it is not law for those coming here to be proficient in the language, only to have a basic knowledge and skills in it!

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