Toyota Camry 99 (LE ) CHECK ENGINE LIGHT?

I’ve a 99 camry LE, with 77000 miles on it. The check engine light started showing up yesterday. The funny thing is that the alarm also went off yesterday right before i saw the check engine light. I was surprised when i heard the alarm go off. Since i did know what the reason was, i left it alone. But when i…

its about 35 dollars, i have a 96 corolla and my engine light has been on since i bought it lol might as well go get it checked i did and it was nothing just that the light would not turn off lol

Toyota Tarago Engine

The Check Engine light on our Toyota Tarago means either the speedo is past a certain amount, and it wants a service, or more often, something is loose/off.
One time it was the auto choke sensor plug, another the 4th spark plug lead was loose and only partial sparking.

scan the computer, that will tell you the very problem. that little light will come on for about 500 different reasons, engine, trans, cooling etc.

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