What Is the Worst Book Youve ever read ?

I would have to say ……. those junie b jone books

My Algebra 2 book.. It is technically reading because I have to read my homework out of it. D:

:O I loved the Junie B books as a kid!!! D:

The worst book is Steal Away Home, Where the Red friggin
Fern grows, and Friggin Holes. Stupid boring pointless books.

And Breaking Dawn. I hated Breaking Dawn. Just seriously it was horrible.

Jane Eyre

junie b jones and santa clause hates cookies

The Education of Little Tree. Had to read it for summer reading, and it was awful. Should have gone with the cliff notes haha.

TWILIGHT!!!!! i started reading the book before it got all popular, so not only the drama about it sucked, the book itself did. i burned it out of frustration. there was no story behind it, she made it quite clear edward was a vampire to early, and she makes werewolves sound like freaking puppy dogs!!! worst series ever. Now the movie Vampires Suck was amazing!

the golden stone saga 2

Wuthering Heights and Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’ (i.e the first Frankenstein)…

The Hot Zone. BORING.

Call of the Wild- (very jejune)

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