What is your national dish in your country?

My country Malaysia’s national dish is nasi lemak, roti canai, char kway teow, stay and assam laksa. What’s yours?

Good food! I have read two of my countrymen answered. I would just add and say that we have so many native dishes in the Philippines. We have our favorites top of the line like: Siningang na Isda, Sinigana Baboy, Tinola, Adobo, Kare-kare, Pinakbet, Ginataang Gulay, Lechon Manok, Lechon Baka, Lechon Baboy, Dinuguaan, Apretada, Menudo, and so many delcious and palatable dishes. Hope you could try it in your place. Just visit a Filipino community out there and you will see all have i mentioned. I believe there is really a magic in cooking and being considered as an art. Each native land has its own best foods that represent their country. After all, we are really of different races, culture and heritage.

Nice question. Have a wonderful day!

Im not sure there is a national dish but probably the aussie barbeque is the most popular thing that we would eat
I think Pavlova (a meringue dessert) is considered a national dish although in New Zealand its also the same.

Im English so fish and chips or bangers and mash and so on are very popular

The United States is too large to have one national dish. I grew up in Upstate New York (basically the part of the state that isn’t New York City) and the local specialty there is chicken wings and pizza.
Frankly, your national dish sounds a lot more interesting.

I live in Spain so I suppose most people think of Paella as the national dish, this rice dish has various ingredients in different parts of Spain, so wherever you go you get a surprise!

I come from a country with over 30 tribes, so we don’t have a national dish, because each tribe is inherently unique from the other. We have a dish called chapati that is pretty much a favorite among most tribes though.

Simple Nonya snacks include poh piah, soft spring rolls stuffed with such components as bean sprouts, pork, and minced prawns.
Other cross-cultural meals include the spicy Indian-style mee goreng (fried noodles), noted for its tomato-derived reddish color, and the fish-head curry, a celebrated local classic, neither of which originated from India.
Spicy and simple sop kambing (mutton soup) is an Indonesian spin on an Indian dish.
The Chinese food-derived Peking/Beijing duck isn’t native to China. Hokkien mee (fried noodles) in the style of the Fujian people from China, packed with prawns, and the Malay curry laksa, a.k.a.(coconut-milk curry), are also unconventional options.
Don’t wear white to munch on the fiery, crunchy, messy chili crab, a meal of which inevitably ends with cracked shells scattered around your table.

Singaporeans love chili, but their concept of “mild” may not match yours. Pungent sambals (chili-based pastes), such as sambal belacan (chili with pungent, fermented prawn paste) may not be to everyone’s taste.

Do come and and enjoy them

United States- McDonalds Big Mac

It would be something that we eat really came to being in this country, the U.S. I would say it would have to be the hamburger. And it is the dish that most of our people eat on a regular basis.
Wikipedia says for the United States – apple pie, turkey and pumpkin pie (as part of Thanksgiving dinner), hamburger, hot dog, donut

My Family is Mexican, they have many like… Mole de oya, tacos, tortas, posole, etc. alot more… and it varies on the region of mexico too.
My Husband’s Family is from El Salvador and their national dish are Pupusa’s…it’s like a thick tortilla but with a filing like cheese & pork, beans and cheese, they top it with pickled sredded cabbage, they are SOOO good!
And here in America I would say Hamburgers and Apple pie.


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