What should a grocery list cost for one person?

If I was to stick to a budget, what should I expect to pay for my groceries?

That totally depends on how you cook.
If you make your own bread, and do all home cooking, it would clearly by cheaper than if you relied on box mixes and used frozen dinners.
It also depends on what you like to eat. If you are a beans and rice kinda person, you can get a boatload of food for not much money.
If you insist on out of season produce, only the most expensive cut of meat and love imported cheeses, you are going to spend much much more.

Q: What should a grocery list cost for one person?
A: Paper is pretty cheap, you can probably throw a grocery list together for under a nickle providing you already own a pen.

Q: If I was to stick to a budget, what should I expect to pay for my groceries?
A: This is highly dependent upon your tastes. If you are very cheap you can probably eat for under $20 a month. If you like variety, and have expensive tastes like premium coffee, steaks, fine cheese, etc you could be looking at over $150. I would budget for around 75-$100. You’ve got to eat, you might just as well enjoy it.

I found out that trying to buy food for the entire month typically does not work out. Anyway, i like to get luggage of frozen boneless fowl breasts, you are able to do a lot with chicken like bake it, are attempting it, make hen tacos or pita sandwhiches, fowl salads, chook spaghetti, and many others. Then that you would be able to get pasta which is about the most cost-effective factor that you may purchase and some specific sauces for that. Also hubby and i have observed it’s very predominant to have breakfast meals however quite purchase THE low cost CEREAL lol could now not believe the rate of title manufacturer cereal. I love meatballs too bc that you could have them on spaghetti or as meatball subs. Also its good not to underestimate the energy of snacks. Having a few (healthful) snacks around and perpetually having drinks will help you now not continuously gorge whenever you devour. Just pay attention to what foods you utilize up and which you don’t like that so much and also you won’t waste ur money on them

200 American Dollars a month. For Eggs, Bread, Milk and ex. Thats the cheap stuff and you still need to keep health with fruits and vegetables and you also need good protein from fish and meat.

maybe spend around 30 or 40 dollars once a week. depends on how much you eat. you should do an experiment and see how much it costs for the basic necessitates (exp: milk, eggs, bread, butter, ect.) once you find out how much that costs, spend about 15 to 20 dollars more on extra things that you don’t absolutely need. (exp: snacks, meat, produce, frozen dinners, ect.)

Slightly less than for two if you are thinking along those lines.
I like to allow $50.00 pw

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