When people are drunk do you thing they really mean what they say or?

Is it just the alcohol talking. Just wondering if people are more honest & have more guts to say what they mean when they are drunk or don’t have a clue what they are saying? My husband always tells me how great I am & how glad he is we’re together when he’s drunk!!! It’s actually kind of…

Yeah, it’s definitely truth serum!! You lucky girl!! If I were you, I’d cook everything with wine or beer!! LOL!!

I’m sorry to have to say this but my husband is the same way well he does say some nice things when he wants more alcohol, but mainly he is mean to me. But I know when he gets drunk he is always bringing up sh*t from the past that he was mad about but never said til he got drunk, damn I hope he quits when he gets home??? Good Luck Hun……..

When people drink to much, they say things that they don’t mean, (Hey Baby you are what I want) then the next day they say what the hell am I doing here? He loves you all the time it is just reflex when he is drunk, perhaps he needs to get to AA classes. No reflection on you, but I think you can do better Blessings.

I think that when someone drinks now and then, it might be truth. But I think for alcoholics… for anyone that drinks too much on a regular basis.. NO I don’t think it necessarily the truth. Alcohol shuts down the brain and emotions become exaggerated and anything can come out of the mouth.

I think more truth comes out when you are drunk than when you aren’t drunk. You are more likely to say a lot more of what you really think about things when you are drunk.

Some people say the truth comes out with drinking, and others say you do and say things you wouldn’t in a drunk state. In your case, I would say it loosens his inhibitions and he is meaning what he says. He married you, didn’t he?

It’s true he does love you, maybe he has issues telling you that he does. Usually when people are drunk, they say the things they usually can’t say.

I do believe you say a bit of the truth

You have more gut when you drink but also you ‘ll say more stuff you think…

You’re lucky me and my bf, get mad at each other, not everytime but once in a while…
and it’s not fun!

when people are drunk they usually say what they are afraid to say when they are sober. trust me i know because when i was tipsy…i speak my mind more andhonestly as apposed to when i am not. my hubby is the same way…he will speak up more when he had a few drinks he is more blunt.and honest too!!

My husband was drunk once, and i asked him some questions and he answered them quite honestly.

But its diffrerent with every men, Some people become agressive, some men talk blah blah, some abuse and curse.

If i were in your position, i would take them seriously.

Yeah when people are drunk they mean what they say

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