Why are women told to obey?

The Bible teaches that women are to obey their husbands. Was this cultural of the NT times or a timeless spiritual hierarchy being set up?

As a christian woman I believe that my husband is the spiritual leader and head of my family. I do seek to be a fitting help-meet to him not because he deserves it but to honor and revere the Lord by my service to him. It is as much a mental attitude and a heart attitude as anything. Does that mean I tie his shoes for him and wipe his butt? No, but if there is a decision to be made and we don’t agree, I defer to him and trust God to take care of us even if it is a wrong decision. I would not do anything illegal or morally wrong. I believe that is where God draws the line. I read that how we honor and revere our husbands is often a good picture of how we honor and revere the Lord. Ouch! Read “Created to be His Help-meet” by Debi Pearl. It is an amazing book and has changed the lives and marriages of many women I know.

Wow is this a hot subject! There is so much controversy over this area that I feel the ability to treat your question fairly strains the limits of this forum (which encourages brief answers).

First it must be said that the bible does not teach women are to be the slaves of men, or that the husband has abosulte authority over his wife. Men and churches have abused this passage and other likes it for 1000’s of years. That is because we are basically selfish and lazy and want our own way (women you struggle with the same disease to, so your not completely off the hook).

Also Jesus’s standard for leadership is contrary to societies at large. Jesus taught and lived a style of leadership that was self sacrificing and more interested in the good of others than himself. This is the type of leadership a man is to have over his household. Basically women are encouraged to submit themselves to their servants.

The basis for this heirarchy is the trinity (1 Cor 11:3). Within the trinity you have co-equal persons dwelling forever harmoniously in a heirarchy. This is a heirarchy of choice, the son chooses, not from weakness, but from strength, to be under the Father’s authority. The Sprirt does not speak of himself, but of the Father and the Son. The Father on the other hand defers to the Son and will invest all authority in him. There is a wonderful dance going on within the God head, husbands and wives are to the best of their ability to emulate the trinity’s dance.

I know I have offended some and for that I apologize, not for what the scripture says, but for my poor ability to communicate it well.

This has actually been part of human culture until relatively recently. Please remember, it was only in the 1970’s that the US Supreme Court actually and officially recognized that a married woman retained ownership of her body. Until that time, a married woman actually was assumed to have surrendered all of her owned or inherited wealth to her husband and did not have the right to refuse anything her husband had demanded, to include sex. It was only in the 1970’s that the high court actually recognized that a woman could refuse and could then take legal action if she were beaten or abused.

The promise from the man “to cherish” was less stringently controlled through law.

actually if you read correctly, women are to be submissive to their husbands in the same way the husband is submissive to God. So this does not mean a husband can demand things from his wife and she has to obey. There are set guidelines for how a husband should lead his house.

The culture of the ancient Jews came out of a blending of life, customs and beliefs from living in captivity in Persia, Babylon, and Egypt. In these cultures, women were considered second-class citizens… they were “Owned” like men owned cattle. Women could not own property, could not have opinions… could not have any voice in the upbringing of their male children past the age of 3 years of age. When a Jewish male child became 3… the teachings for that child fell upon the father and the mother no longer had any say in raising the child… the full purpose of women was to get PG and give birth to babies, clean houses, make clothes, cook, laundry…etc. The teachings of the Bible as written reflect the cultures and the times the Bible was written in. This teaching of women being second class citizens was started in the Old Testament times… and continued and passed on into the New Testament times… Remember one thing… women do not earn their eternal life by thru the merits of their husband’s lives… each woman has to earn eternal life ON their OWN INDIVIDUAL MERITS… as a woman… a woman’s father, brother or husband does not earn it for her. THIS MAKES WOMEN EQUAL IN THE EYES AND JUDGMENT OF GOD… Women can say… “my husband does not earn my eternal salvation for me… and I do not earn his eternal salvation for him…therefore we are equal in God’s eyes.”
It is MANKIND’s cultures and MANKIND’s interpretations that have kept this false teaching current. Read a book…. called… “The Urantia Book.” You can go on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com and peruse thru this book to see its contents and for about $30.00 purchase it… It will really surprise you!!!

I agree with ncsu.Right on!!! If I had a Husband it would be more of a 50/50 relationship.God is the only one I need to obey………

Jack! sit down up, do no longer slouch on your chair. (thank you, mom) As on your question. to no longer concern. no you may actually reason to grow to be a Christian or an NFL quarterback. the call has back previously you additionally could come to a decision. and don’t concern approximately eye beginning revelations. Like religious human beings, you have yet another one the next day. Many Christians and all atheists have one element in trouble-unfastened. the two are like previous broken data. the only distinction between them is the groove they’re caught in. As to the estrogen-enraged posse; you have one when you. no longer in ordinary terms via fact of their macho gun-packing souls; yet their failure to renowned adrenaline addicted masochist junkies whilst they see them. to maintain it ordinary. it extremely is God’s plan; yet bypass away it to 3 adult adult males to screw it up and make it look undesirable for something persons.

I think a lot of things in a lot of religions are manipulated or made up to suit certain groups.

–Why should women have to be submissive to their husbands? They are people just like men, why can’t they submit directly to God? Why is there an extra layer there? I submit only to God.

Rebellion is part of a womans nature, a part they are excpected to overcome

all i gotta say is that when paul translated the scriptures, i guess he wanted the man to have some authority!!!

go paul, for an apostle, you kick major a$$!!!

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