Why do Atheists constantly belittle and provoke Christians?

I answer a lot of questions in here and I find that there are a lot of Atheists that can’t seem to accept that there are folks that believe that there is a Christ Jesus. For some unknown reason, known only to them they feel that they must mock Christians. I have come to the conclusion that what is really going…

Hey Freedom: ever wake up in a crowded room and realize you’re the only person around – for miles – who knows Santa doesn’t exist? Happens to us all the time.

i’m an ex-believer and that i might prefer to purpose and supply you an hassle-free answer. for some years atheists (sure, i’m one) does no longer dare admit that they did no longer have confidence. The stress from Christians to adapt became fabulous. saying you have been an atheist became like admitting to homicide or baby molesting. Atheists have been evil, satanic, vile creatures. yet at present there’s a transforming into type of persons who’re arranged to come again out and tell the international that they do no longer have confidence. some non-believers get a sprint over excited and could be too aggressive, too protecting and tend to pass on the attack. actual, after all the persecution they have suffered interior the previous you would be a sprint forgiving? My suggestion to you is to tutor the different cheek and attempt and positioned your self of their footwear! Peace!

You ask why Atheists provoke Christians. The answer is so simple. Because of statements like the above. You’re doing all that you can to belittle Atheists, but you expect them to sit back and agree with you. Forget it, it won’t happen.
You don’t hold back and agree with the bashing you get. Our eyes are not blind, or our ears deaf to anything. I study the religious beliefs of all major religions. Do you ?
I absolutely do believe in myself. I hold my princilpals higher than any of my religious friends. They all know this, and it makes them uncomfortable.
Just because you believe in the supernatural, which is just plain superstition, does not give you the right to post garbage like the above.
May your “God” bless your ah-soul

If belittling and provoking involves stating that they don’t believe, and not lot listening to what you have to say, then all the more power to them. Have you ever considered that they’re just annoyed with you and your constant bible thumping? I know I am.

Fundamentalists have been against a lot of things in the past. Did you know that when the dishwasher was invented, the clergy declared that it was evil, because it would pull women away from the work god called them to? You’d best get used to the belittlement, because it’s going to continue if you continue to act like that.

Because the little minded people can’t stand it that Christians are still 90% of the population of the US. And all their belittling and holier then thou arguments have not changed the mind of even one Christian, or Muslim or Jew.

You should however remember this fact. Education does not equal intelligence. They think it does.

I do believe you are an atheist yourself? No?…. think about it. You discount every other god *apart* from your own… this makes you an atheist like the rest of us 🙂

As to all the mocking of Cristians, this is unfortunate, however when Cristians claim to believe in the *ridiculous* stories and myth from the bible, they open themselves to… ridicule. Simple.

With politics you’d probably accept it if i said your democrat / republican politician was stupid or a fraud… then why on earth should i not mock religion? Religion is FAR from exempt from criticism and mockery… get used to it my friend 🙂

Peace !

Very funny.

I mean, I’ve NEVER seen a Xian belittle anyone’s beliefs on here… *eyeroll and much sarcasm*

How about you focus on your own problems and keep your own flock in line before you bother with us? In case you hadn’t noticed, when most atheists are mocking it’s usually in response to a Xian who was mocking, rude, or threatening us with hell yet again.

“we know that your eyes are blind, and that your ears are deaf, to Jesus Christ, for this we are sorry, but we aren’t in here belittling you”

like your religion, this is a contradictory statement!

It goes both ways, and i keep admitting that again and again.
But atheists can’t seem to believe that any of this is their fault, all ours, which i can’t stand!

I do feel sorry for them, but I haven’t once on here that i know of, tried to convert them.
But they keep trying to mock me, as u say. (save a few jerks off the Christian side too)
I say for everyone on here, Christians, or atheists, who can’t except each other’s beliefs, should be kicked out.
This is R&S, afterall!

Because Christians CONSTANTLY provoke Atheists. Hence this question you put on the forum. Your additional details did not impress me. You did not fight for our religious freedom and that statement itself shows this to be true. Religion is not a war to be fought. It is something you follow in your heart. So when you remember you were serving your country it was NOT for religious freedom. It was just for freedom in general. YOU CAN NOT FORCE RELIGION ON PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM TO BELIEVE IT. That makes you just as bad as the enemy you were fighting!

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