Women? How do you take bath during period?

I’m just wondering…
You can’t take shower coz that’d be gross.
You can’t be in bathtub coz it’d be like you’re bathing in blood. (disgusting, I know)
You can’t sit on the toilet and take a shower….or can you??

I’ve seen bathrooms with no ‘bathing spot’ in them (some…

I just take a shower…
To dry up, i use toilet paper to clean myself down there instead of a towel.
And i have my underwear with a pad ready ahead of time, so i can just slip them on after getting out of the shower.
Sometimes I happen to be wearing a tampon when I decide to take a shower.

It’s not gross to take a shower or bath while on your period, it’s gross to not take a shower or bath for a few days though, especially with such a mess. In the shower it all runs down the drain. In the tub the water pressure prevents you from bleeding heavily (though you may have a small clot or what was on the outside of your vagina get in the water) so the water doesn’t turn red or anything.

And no, you can’t sit on the toilet and take a shower… most people don’t have a toilet in the shower to do so with.

Just as any other day…I get myself in the shower and take a bath. The only thing is that I clean my down there with toilet paper instead of using the towel. Period is not like a constant tap of blood -.-

Uhh why is it gross to shower with your period? That’s what I do. You could take a bath with a tampon in but it’s hard all the blood totally gone from that area.

Before bath clean the lower part with the toilet paper,blood not come all the time.

Like any other time when i’m not on my period, i take a shower. There’s nothing gross about it. Just make sure you have what you need when you get out.

um… I take a bath with a tampon in and nothing leaks out, it really helps with cramps. or you could take a shower with or without a tampon.

tempon is best it will seal the bleeding and a shower can be taken safely without messing the things.

* as usual they do it
* after bathing they pour water on the blood spots

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