Would you a white guy date a black girl?

I’m 17 a Junior in high school and I don’t date because basically I can’t.
But recently I’ve been into white guys and I’ve been into them for a long time. Probably since the 8th grade. Don’t get me wrong, but I do love my own kind but its just that they act so ignorant and stupid sometimes…

I’m a black girl and i’m dating a white guy. I agree, it’s completely annoying listening to black guys these days and how ignorant and stupid they sound. It completely turns me off, and my whole life I was brought up around white people, so I speak correctly too. I’m in the same boat as you, but they do. You just have to find the right guy and show him your personality.

Your post is crazy.maybe you didn’t mean to offend anyone one but honey your choice of words is ignorant FYI there are plently of black educated men you use correct English and all boys not just black act childish in high-school white Asian color has nothing to do with it! And no one needs to no your social status -middle class- the hell love is love you don’t have to make yourself sound uppity. Do you think that will make someone white attracted to u??? Ugh no Every race has poor & rich. Good & bad dumb & smart … get over your self sweetheart .. Any way love is love just be yourself and you will find someone

I would, I care much more about the personality than skin tone.

I’m 27, but I would have.

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